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Struggles That Build Dreams

by Michael Hughes I admit that I am a documentary junkie. I love and aspire to stories of great innovators who succeeded in the face of intense opposition. One of the best ways for me to re-energize my personal goals is to watch a documentary about the successes of a famous entrepreneur. I love game

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Building My Dream

by Michael Hughes Have you ever known someone, who from a very young age, knew what they wanted to be when they grew up? In 8th grade I wanted to be a Physical Therapist. Athletics and strength training were passions of mine, but I saw how devastating injuries were to athletes. A bad injury had

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If You Hear It Enough, You Start to Believe It

by Michael Hughes One thing you may not know about me is that I’m a sucker for a good cartoon, especially on a Saturday morning. Every Christmas, my nephews and I bond over cartoons; I sit there in my adult reindeer onesie, sipping on coffee, totally relaxed and happy. Ever since I found out I

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Building Habits to Create Your Personal Definition of Success

by Michael Hughes We can all agree there is something nostalgic about turning over a new leaf and considering your hopes for a new beginning. Whether it’s building closer family relationships, being more present with your kids, learning a new skill or making self-care a priority, I do think there is something pure behind the

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My “Why” Behind Building Gymnazo

by Michael Hughes One of my favorite memories from this holiday season was an evening at my parents’ ranch, sitting on the patio with my brothers, listening to my Dad and his brothers share stories from “the good old days.” One thing I value about my family is the time and space we create to

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People Don’t Change; We Grow

by Michael Hughes One of my favorite things to do is observe my daughter’s growth. It’s incredibly inspiring to me how quickly she’s piecing together knowledge and skills, and then applying them in risky situations. This week was particularly rewarding to me as I watched her crawl up to the long staircase in my parents’

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Don’t Overlook Small Progressions In Life

by Michael Hughes Every Friday afternoon I proudly head up the Hughes Household “Daddy Daycare”. Currently not accepting applications and only comprising of one very cute almost 5 month old, Fridays are a day I look forward to.  My favorite thing is to witness my daughter’s growth and small changes. Two weeks ago during Daddy

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Gymnazo’s Growth in the Last 7 Years

by Michael Hughes A couple months ago a friend asked Paden and I how long we’d been together. We were proud to say seven years, married for almost five of them. The reply we got was a little surprising, as our friend said, your relationship is the age of a first grader. Suddenly our time

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