2 Weeks of Unlimited Training


Know Your Worth

By Paden Hughes What was your “thing” in high school?  You may not know this about me… but when I was in high school, I competed nationally in speech and debate. I have always loved to talk. And to combine speaking with competing for a shiny trophy was quite literally my dream event.  I spent

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Feeling Good

By Paden Hughes What is the real reason that you work out? Of all the humans out there, prioritizing their time and their dollars, and not choosing to prioritize fitness, you have made a different decision. At some point in your life, you decided to put your money where your mouth was by prioritizing your health

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Living Congruently

By Paden Hughes I have a confession to make. Last fall, it took a health scare and my body breaking down to wake me up to the reality that all the stress from navigating the pandemic as a “non-essential” entrepreneur, with two kids under four, was TOO MUCH for my body. 2020 was the year

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The Things About Being Pregnant NO ONE Wants to Tell You

by Kaleena Ruskin If you are a soon to be new mommy reading this blog. Congratulations! Motherhood is truly a treasure and quite the experience… At this point, it’s all very exciting and everyone’s telling you that you’re glowing, you feel like you’re glowing because you’re a walking miracle that’s creating life inside of your

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The Misconceptions About Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions

by Kaleena Ruskin I love peeing myself. I love that feeling of my organs feeling like they’re falling out. I love how my abs are separated and have created this cute little hole for my belly button. I love wearing a diaper as a grown woman.   Said NO ONE EVER!   No female in

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