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Keeping Those Dreams Alive

by Michael Hughes All right, true story. Several times a day, I catch myself scrolling social media, looking for some kind of dopamine hit. This is my way of getting a mental break from solving complex movement dysfunction or energizing a group of dedicated athletes. I mean, we ALL need to unplug. So sometimes I

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Not All Balls Are Created Equal… And How That Relates to Fitness

by Paden Hughes Not all balls are created equal. I recently discovered this because I was influenced on social media to buy what’s called an Ollyball. And my girlfriend who is another entrepreneur working mom said, “You have to buy this. I know it seems like a random purchase, but I promise you just have

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A New Season

by Paden Hughes Maybe it was getting snowed in, in Tahoe, over Christmas break. (117 inches in a couple days!!!) Maybe it’s the fact that for the first time since we’ve lived in San Luis Obispo, January actually felt like winter. Or maybe it’s because we are wishing it was summer… but we’ve been thinking a lot

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Know Your Worth

By Paden Hughes What was your “thing” in high school?  You may not know this about me… but when I was in high school, I competed nationally in speech and debate. I have always loved to talk. And to combine speaking with competing for a shiny trophy was quite literally my dream event.  I spent

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Feeling Good

By Paden Hughes What is the real reason that you work out? Of all the humans out there, prioritizing their time and their dollars, and not choosing to prioritize fitness, you have made a different decision. At some point in your life, you decided to put your money where your mouth was by prioritizing your health

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