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January 27, 2022

A New Season

by Paden Hughes

Maybe it was getting snowed in, in Tahoe, over Christmas break. (117 inches in a couple days!!!) Maybe it’s the fact that for the first time since we’ve lived in San Luis Obispo, January actually felt like winter. Or maybe it’s because we are wishing it was summer… but we’ve been thinking a lot about seasons.

Last week, I was speaking with a member about Gymnazo’s shifts heading into 2022, and I used an analogy about a tree experiencing a change in season. The roots remain strong but the leaves are changing. And it was a perfect way to describe where we are.

For us, the changing of the seasons is bittersweet. Bitter to the degree in which we valued where we were. Sweet because there is always something new to discover and appreciate.

I mean, winter is amazing for the holidays and for hunkering down with a warm beverage and allowing yourself permission to slow down a little. Spring is the great awakening of color on every hillside, and there is an energy of newness. Summer is warm and focused on play and making adventurous memories. And Fall is filled with celebrations and traditions. All of them have value, but we all probably have our favorites.

It’s no surprise that for the Hughes’ family, summer is the favorite season.

Right now, it feels like Gymnazo is entering a new season and right on cue, we’re experiencing that bittersweet feeling.

It’s no surprise that the last season at Gymnazo will not make it to our “favorite season” list. It was full of surprises in the form of two variants, breakout cases on our team, managing the continued polarization of beliefs among our community and focusing on what brings us all together, identifying burnout on our team and navigating a lot of regulation amidst our collective desire to see the pandemic chapter close. Whew!  It’s been a lot.

It has also been a very clarifying season for us all. Clarity on who we are most passionate about serving, which services deliver the best results for clients as well as energy for the coach, and how to position Gymnazo to welcome in this new season. The joy is found in anticipating pivots in our business that we choose and can thoughtfully design.

So here’s to 2022 and the new faces we’ll welcome into our membership, the new faces who will be coaching you, and the opportunity to focus on the very best we have to offer you all.

As we navigate this next season, we inhale deeply. Inhaling our desire to serve and use our gifts to uplift the hearts and lives of our members. Inhaling our intention to quickly mentor newer coaches up to our collective standards. Inhaling our gratitude for all the coaches that linked arms with us during a very tough season and put their hearts into their work. Inhaling the gratitude we have for all the loyal members who have stuck with us through a very tough season.  And inhaling our vision and desire to step into a season of clarity and joy as we double down on the strongest parts of our business.

Thank you for linking arms with us in 2022. Here we go!

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