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Functional Fitness
Train your body to do more of what you love

Small Group Training

Three levels of training for all performance abilities – plus our special yoga-like version of flexibility training.

  • G1


    This is for anyone who wants ageless, functional fitness to enjoy life on their own terms with strength, endurance and agility. You can stay here indefinitely and always get a good workout, because we design it to be flexible for everyone. G1 is also a great program for members after they’ve taken a break from fitness or are recovering from an injury, just to get back into the groove.

  • G2/3


    These two are for the athletes craving even more. In G2/3 we raise the level of intensity and complexity, by challenging your movement literacy above and beyond G1. Athletes are required to pass a special assessment to attend G3 workouts.

  • Melt.Mold.Move.


    When you’re disciplined in your fitness it’s common to start to see signs of wear and tear that threaten your ability to keep up your ideal fitness level. We offer an easy way to integrate flexibility into your busy life so you can recover and restore your body and sustain your favorite fitness activities.

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Gymnazo is unlike any other gym I’ve ever attended. The small group trainings provide an encouraging, challenging and competitive environment. What makes Gymnazo unique is the authentic and impactful relationships you form with other members and the coaches. Each person at Gymnazo is there to help you succeed. They adjust a workout instantly for your needs, and Gymanzo becomes your fitness and health community and family.

Rachell Smith, SLO

Everybody who works at Gymnazo is so nice and try to get to know every athlete on a personal level. Everybody is really professional and give their all to the athletes. I don’t feel we are following a “recipe”. Even though a group is doing the same exercises, things can be tweak up or down to every single athlete. This is very important to me because I feel that everybody is different, we all have different weaknesses, strengths or/and limitations. The coaches are always pushing the athletes to reach their full potential at all times. And of course, the system WORKS

Camila Strong

Gymnazo is the thing I do for myself, for my health — body and mind. I love showing up in the morning to find a new workout, all set up and ready to go, knowledgeable, encouraging (and fun) trainers, and to work hard with fun people who have become friends. I love the uplifting environment. It keeps me coming back each day

Melissa White, SLO

The staff are friendly and quite good at engaging their clients socially. I especially like the effort by the staff to ensure that I am doing the exercises correctly and that I am pushing myself. I also like the peer support that comes from attending classes at regular times. It’s nice to have a group of peers to see and check in with regularly. I just went to my yearly medical check up and during the one year that I have been coming to Gymnazo, I have lost 20 lbs. of fat and gained 4 lbs. of muscle. Thanks!

Mark Daigle

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