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Small Group Training

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  • Melt.Mold.Move.


    When you’re disciplined in your fitness it’s common to start to see signs of wear and tear that threaten your ability to keep up your ideal fitness level. We offer an easy way to integrate flexibility into your busy life so you can recover and restore your body and sustain your favorite fitness activities.

  • G1


    An inclusive workout program that helps you become fit and healthy. If you’re struggling to get back into shape or intimidated to start, this program is perfect for you. It’s fun, welcoming and designed to celebrate all the small wins along the journey back to health. This is the perfect place to start!

  • G2/3


    Two programs that help you have fun discovering the athlete you’ve always known you could be. If you’re bored, feeling stagnant or feeling confused about how to increase your athleticism, start training in G2 and eventually pass our assessment into G3. G2/3 gives you a simple way to unlock your athletic potential.

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I never was successful with the traditional gym. When I think of the gym, I think of a hamster on a wheel “doing exercise time. Gymnazo challenges me, engages multiple muscular groups at a time, and provides the interaction I need to encourage proper form, reduce injury, and make progress. After a few short weeks, I already feel less sore in my daily routine. Gymnazo has improved my life.

Ryan Kennard

I am aging and I don’t like it. I want to sustain and improve. I want my first thoughts in the morning to be about the day ahead. I don’t want to frame my days by the physical limitations that I can control and prevent. I used to have small little everyday things I could not or would not do without serious effort or aches before I started Gymnazo. My goal now is to keep training not lose what I’ve gained and I’ve been consistent for the last few years!  I love the sense of fun in every Gymnazo workout.

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Julie Galvin

I really love the empowering and body-positive culture at Gymnazo. The focus is really on learning to take care of your body so you can move better and have the life you want to live, and much less on burning calories or losing weight or having muscles just for the sake of being muscly (as compared to other gyms I’ve been to.)

Amanda O’Neill

I came to Gymnazo to lose weight and regain flexibility and balance. My adult boys were backpacking and doing other activities that I wasn’t comfortable doing anymore. I’ve watched my dad fight ALS and how fast his life has changed. It reminded me of the importance of enjoying physical activities while we can and not becoming “old” before your time because of inactivity. I have three small grandkids now and I want to be able to play with them as they grow up. My goal is to participate in family activities for many years to come. I started by going to the semi private classes. Michael was able to assess my needs and he helped me work out the kinks and gain strength and balance.

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Jim Smith

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