2 Weeks of Unlimited Training

Functional Fitness
Train your body to do more of what you love

Small Group Training

Three levels of training for all performance abilities – plus our special yoga-like version of flexibility training.

  • G1


    This is for anyone who wants ageless, functional fitness to enjoy life on their own terms with strength, endurance and agility. You can stay here indefinitely and always get a good workout, because we design it to be flexible for everyone. G1 is also a great program for members after they’ve taken a break from fitness or are recovering from an injury, just to get back into the groove.

  • G2/3


    These two are for the athletes craving even more. In G2/3 we raise the level of intensity and complexity, by challenging your movement literacy above and beyond G1. Athletes are required to pass a special assessment to attend G3 workouts.

  • Melt.Mold.Move.


    When you’re disciplined in your fitness it’s common to start to see signs of wear and tear that threaten your ability to keep up your ideal fitness level. We offer an easy way to integrate flexibility into your busy life so you can recover and restore your body and sustain your favorite fitness activities.

It’s easy to start!

Try us for 2 weeks at a special, low introductory rate.





I came to Gymnazo to lose weight and regain flexibility and balance. My adult boys were backpacking and doing other activities that I wasn’t comfortable doing any more. It reminded me of the importance of enjoying physical activities while we can and not becoming “old” before your time because of inactivity. I have three small grandkids now and I want to be able to play with them as they grow up. I started by going to the semi-private classes. I have a lot more energy, strength and stamina. I have lost 29 pounds and my waist is shrinking. I have been hiking with my boys and playing on the floor with the grandkids.

Jim Smith, SLO

When I began coming to Gymnazo, I was looking for accountability and establishing a regular exercise routine. Since then, I have trained for and completed two triathlons, 4 half marathons, a Tough Mudder, and am now signed up for my fourth triathlon in as many years. I attribute this to my athletic performance training at Gymnazo.

Chenise Turrey, SLO

I love all the coaches and their professionalism and the fact that they love what they do for us! I love the variety of classes and the fact that I can take 3 on one day if I want to! The community is fun and super interesting and the workouts are amazing. They are like a roller coaster, just when you think you can’t take more you are done! I also love the cleanliness of the facility and friendliness of everyone who works there!

Barbara Blanke

I cannot believe how flexible I still am nor how strong I have become. I am 67 this year and feel physically and mentally healthy. Life, at my age, is about movement. Nothing comes easy or fast. I’ve been working out here for four years! To think about gaining physical strength and flexibility as I am aging is wonderful.

Cinde Lossing, SLO

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