1 Month 3x/wk Group Training $99

Career / Internships
Invest in your talent, with a team you admire, in an organization that is positively impacting San Luis Obispo.

Don’t get sucked into a thankless job slaving away for an organization that doesn’t care about you or invest in you.

Take control of your future. You deserve to be valued, mentored and appreciated for your impact.

Two Tracks

  • Coach Track

    1. Complete our Multidimensional Movement Coach Online Program

    2. Attend our live certification event

    3. Apply for a coaching position

  • Business Track

    We will always take meetings when talented professionals see potential in Gymnazo and want to help us grow and impact our community. Even if we’re not hiring, connect with us and help us envision a better business because of your involvement.

Our Promises

We promise to mentor you and invest in your growth as a professional and as a human being We promise you will change lives through your work with us
We promise to care about you as a person We promise to make this role stand out for years to come as an incredible experience
We promise to hold the bar high so only the highest caliber team members are hired here We promise you will be prouder of who you are after working with us than before
We promise you will be challenged and have to push through to realize your fullest potential

Our Past Employee’s Experience:




I am very grateful for the opportunity Gymnazo has given me to grow and develop my skills. Gymnazo has created a supportive and fun company culture that allows each individual to reach for their highest potential. I am happy to work for a company that invests in their employee’s education, wellbeing and long term success

Mercedes McLaughlin

Gymnazo is a special place where hundreds of people rediscover their God-given gift of movement, release themselves from pain and dysfunction, immerse themselves in beautiful community and accountability, and engage the tremendous staff in continued learning while sharing in the high-energy workouts that foster camaraderie and trust – in both your workout partner and your movement Coach. And quite frankly, as a former Coach, I learned more about movement and biomechanics from Gymnazo than I did in the classroom. Simply put, they are the best.

Matthew Nelson