2 Weeks of Unlimited Training

A smart, tailored training program to unlock your athletic potential

Most athletes burn out or get bored in their traditional workouts, struggling to keep their workouts fresh and specific to their sport or upcoming event. We offer a smart training path to reach your highest potential as an athlete so you can dominate your sport or upcoming event.

Getting started is as simple as these three steps:

  • 1

    an Assessment

    Meet with a performance coach to understand your goals, health history and current physical capabilities.

  • 2

    a customized training plan with a performance coach

    Performance is personal. Your goals, your current capabilities, your mindset, nutrition habits and the time you have to dedicate to your event/sport all inform the customized training plan you will get from us.

  • 3

    training and seeing improvements

    Commitment and dedication are the hallmarks of success. Once we design a plan, we partner with you to execute the plan and achieve the results you are looking for.

Elements of All Performance Memberships

We truly customize each training plan to match the individual athlete’s goals and needs. But to do this, we pull from the following list of services.

Our Promises

be able to tie each exercise we give you back to your sport

to check in and listen to your feedback

look at you as a whole and give you a balanced, well-rounded program

to measure your progress and adjust the plan as needed

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As a former athlete I was looking for something in addition to those classes that would be a little more tailored to me, my body, and my goals. So for me my goal was to be stronger, more flexible, and to increase my endurance so I could surf more often and do it at a higher level. Prior to Gymnazo, I hadn’t been surfing for a few years due to injury.  After a short time in small group classes I started to get back out in the water again.

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Morgan Wright

When I began coming to Gymnazo, I was looking for more assistance in accountability and establishing a regular exercise routine. Since then, I have trained for and completed two other triathlons, 4 half marathons, a Tough Mudder, and am now signed up for my fourth triathlon in as many years. I have to attribute my training at Gymnazo as my reason for being able to complete those events successfully, as I have often not done any other specialized training outside of the group classes and semi-private sessions.

Chenise Turrey

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