1 Month of Unlimited Training

An simple path to pain-free that works

We understand how hard it is to not be able to go about normal life or miss out on adventure because of pain. It is frustrating, lonely and at times can feel hopeless. We offer a simple roadmap to pain-free that works. You deserve to live pain-free and get back to enjoying the activities you love.

Work one on one with a Movement Practitioner

Most of our Movement Therapy clients see significant pain reduction in 5-6 sessions

Depending on the degree of pain or injury we ask for a 10 session commitment

Most transition into Semi-Private memberships and eventually to Small Group Sessions

  • 1


    We start with a consultation and movement assessment to understand you, your history, your goals and what your body is able to do pain-free.

  • 2

    a plan

    Recovery is personal. Your goals, your current capabilities, your mindset, nutrition habits and the time you have to dedicate to your recovery, all inform the customized training plan you will get from us.

  • 3

    and get results

    Commitment and dedication are the hallmarks of success. Once we design a plan, we partner with you to execute the plan and achieve the results you are looking for.


We ask that you…

  • Commit to the program prescribed
  • Dedicate time to follow the homework between sessions
  • Work exclusively with us during the duration of your program
  • Treat yourself like you are your number #1 priority through this

Our Promises

To find the root cause of your pain

If you do not see results by the 6th session, we will refund you 50% of your investment to date and not charge you again

To teach you tools and techniques to alleviate or reduce pain

To care about your results like you are family





Michael and CJ understand the complexity of body mechanics and how muscles, bones, nerves and ligaments all work together or how their dysfunction causes pain. They can quickly get to the cause of pain and know how to relieve it. I’ve been to chiropractors, physical therapists and neurologists and found more relief, faster when working with Michael or CJ!

Kerry Sheets

I started working with Michael in Exclusive sessions to address a hip injury that was inhibiting my daily movement. After spending a ton of money on PT and chiropractic work, I was still having constant pain in my hip that would “re-injure” all the time whenever I was active. As someone who loves to be active it was very emotional to not see results. I saw results in just one session. He analyzed my movements, explained to me what was going on, and gave me tools/ exercises/ stretches to help improve my pain.

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Katie Sepa

I chose exclusive one-on-one training after a pretty serious shoulder injury while bouldering. Coming back from injury left me feeling a lot of fear and mistrust when it came to some of the most simple exercises and I was scared I would never climb again. Working with CJ helped me rebuild my confidence in my body as well as develop better awareness of using my whole body for movements and power rather than isolating movements in one muscle group or area.

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Meg Whitney

I had an injury involving C6, C7, and C8 vertebrae, the nerve damage left my left arm useless for six weeks. I am left handed, so a full recovery was necessary to resume my work as an instructor. The diagnosis was Radicular Pain. After a couple of weeks seeing CJ, the pain was reduced by 70%. At the end of four weeks, I had no pain and had recovered most of the power and range of motion on my arm and neck. I have been part of the Gymnazo family for six years now. The coaches and colleagues help me to keep a healthier lifestyle, and keep me out of pain.

Silvio F.

5 Muscle Groups You Probably Aren’t Stretching Correctly

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