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Pricing Overview

  • Fitness

    2 most popular popular packages for Fitness:

    2x/week • Strength Training
    (Small Group Training)

    2x/week • Weight Loss
    (Nutrition Coaching)

  • Restoration

    2 most popular packages for Restoration:

    5x/mo • Pain Reduction
    (30-Min Exclusive Sessions)

    2x/wk • Pain Reduction
    (Semi-Private Training)

  • Female Pelvic Core

    2 most popular packages for Female Pelvic Core:

    1x/wk • Female Core Conversion

    2x/wk • Female Core Conversion and
    1x/wk • Semi Private Sessions Each Month

  • Performance

    2 most popular packages for Performance:

    3x/wk • Strength Training
    (Small Group Training)

    3x/wk • Event Training
    (Small Group Training w/ 2 Semi Private Session/mo)

“Instead of a registration fee we have a new member intake fee with a coach to best understand your needs and goals for $95”





“Gymnazo has improved my health and wellbeing in tangible, wonderful ways in the few fast-paced months I have been a member. My goals for my training at Gymanzo have been to improve overall circulation and muscle tone to assist with managing chronic migraines, and improve my quality of sleep. I can happily say that I see major improvement in all of these areas in just four months, and cannot wait to continue this journey.”

Meg Frost

“My original goals were cliché and very much like everyone else’s, lose fat, gain muscle, and feel better. While those results have been achieved, it is the unanticipated results that have far exceeded my expectations. The relationships that have formed with the coaches, staff, and other members have been the greatest reward. Almost all testimonials have stated that Gymnazo is more than a gym, it’s a family, and I echo that sentiment to anyone who asks. I’ve now been consistently coming for a year and a half! It’s so much easier to go to Gymnazo and keep going when you know that it is owned, run and attended by good people who care.”

Sean Flickinger

“I LOVE the classes! They are small and the exercises are all a challenge and use many ranges of motion. I love that the coaches are able to keep an eye on all of the members since the classes are small. They come around and assist when needed, and even bump up the challenges when it looks like we can push a little bit harder. I never thought I would enjoy working in a small group so much, as I have usually just done weightlifting on my own in a gym. I feel this is an excellent fit for my needs!”

Kymberly Fazzio