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Video Training

If you’re a busy professional who struggles to fit fitness into their routine and who really needs to be able to workout consistently, but can’t always make it into the gym, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for. These pre-recorded online workout programs makes it simple to take Gymnazo workouts anywhere with you, which enables you to stay consistent with high quality workouts even when you can’t make it into the gym.

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  • Spherical Movement

    This course serves as a framework for moving more intentionally and developing awareness within your sphere of potential. This course will invite you to explore new ranges of motion, new directions of intent, challenge your coordination and improve your balance to find more movement success!

  • Learn to Rope Flow

    Whether you’re new to Rope Flow or a little more advanced, this course will anchor you in the fundamentals of the Rope Flow techniques. With instructional and follow-along videos, this course can take you from a beginner to an expert. Rope Flow is a great skill to learn to help you move better as an athlete and in your everyday life. This course will help you to expand your sphere of movement, improve your mobility, and learn more about your body and the ways you can move than ever before.

  • 7-Day Reset Program On Demand

    The 7-Day Fitness Reset program is designed to do day by day, tackling your fitness, your nutrition and your mindset all together. It can also be used to supplement your current workout regime to fill in the gaps so you can finally start to build the consistent habit of fitness and health in your life that you’ve been wanting all along.

  • Move Well, Stay Well On Demand

    Join this program and let us come alongside you to uplift you with balanced, fresh, body weight online works. Cardio. Strength. and our two most popular stress-relieving programs: Melt.Mold.Move and Mindful Movement. We can’t control it all, but our well-being we can control!

  • VIPR Flow Program On Demand

    This on demand program was designed around one of our favorite functional tools, the VIPR. The tube-like weight provides unique opportunities to train the body through balanced or unbalanced loading.

  • Sandbell Flow Program On Demand

    Sandbells offer unlimited variations of movements, similar to those that can be created with dumbbells, but with a variety of options for holding and gripping. This program features 7 different workouts all programmed around sandbells.

  • Dumbbell Flow Program On Demand

    Supplement your workout routine with an on demand program built for dumbbells or powerblocks.

  • Mobility Stick Program On Demand

    This on-demand program combines mobility and strength training to increase athletic performance, as well as promote recovery.

  • Melt Away the Pain On Demand

    Our exclusive online Melt Away the Pain video series, where we bring step-by step problem-solving pain relief to you to in the convenience of your own home.

    On demand videos for troubleshooting the following areas: foot, ankle, knee, hip, low back, elbow, shoulder and neck!

  • Gymnazo Edu

    Gymnazo Edu provides the education and tools fitness coaches and personal trainers need to take their passion and make it their career. All the courses, programs and events created are designed to improve the art of coaching. It takes raw talent, deep knowledge and structure to deliver a quality workout experience. We provide the guidance to master the best skills in our industry and be able to apply them confidently on the fly. Gymnazo Edu provides a proven methodology, a service standard and a profitable business model to reveal exactly how to build your dream business.

  • Female Core Conversion On Demand

    Female Core Conversion On Demand – Level 1 includes 4 full-body workouts designed to be done once a week, for 2 – 3 months. Great for individuals just starting their PCNS healing journey.

  • Female Core Conversion Prenatal Program

    Female Core Conversion is a functional movement approach to keep you fit and healthy during your pregnancy and prepare your body for a safe and easy labor and delivery. This class helps to strengthen your body and reduce the chances of developing common pelvic floor related dysfunctions such as incontinence, diastasis recti, prolapse, pain with sex, knee pain and more.

  • Female Core Conversion for Postpartum

    Female Core Conversion is a holistic movement approach to improving pelvic floor functioning and reducing uncomfortable postpartum symptoms that are preventing you from doing the things you love, like playing with your kids. This program can help improve pelvic floor dysfunctions resulting in common symptoms such as incontinence (urinary or rectal), diastasis recti, prolapse, sciatica, back pain, knee pain and more.

  • Female Core Conversion for Menopause

    Female Core Conversion is a holistic approach to movement that helps to strengthen your pelvic floor, core, back, hips and respiratory diaphragm to reduce some of the common pelvic floor related symptoms you may be experiencing around menopause such as leaking, prolapse, sciatica, knee pain, back pain, and more.