$50 for 2 weeks Unlimited Group

Online Programs

If you’re a busy professional who struggles to fit fitness into their routine and who really needs to be able to workout consistently, but can’t always make it into the gym, here’s the solution you’ve been looking for. This online workout program makes it simple to take Gymnazo workouts anywhere with you, which enables you to stay consistent with high quality workouts even when you can’t make it into the gym.

  • 7-Day Reset Program

    The 7-Day Fitness Reset program is designed to do day by day, tackling your fitness, your nutrition and your mindset all together. It can also be used to supplement your current workout regime to fill in the gaps so you can finally start to build the consistent habit of fitness and health in your life that you’ve been wanting all along.

  • Gymnazo Media

    Gymnazo Media provides the education and tools fitness coaches and personal trainers need to take their passion and make it their career. All the courses, programs and events created are designed to improve the art of coaching. It takes raw talent, deep knowledge and structure to deliver a quality workout experience. We provide the guidance to master the best skills in our industry and be able to apply them confidently on the fly. Gymnazo Media provides a proven methodology, a service standard and a profitable business model to reveal exactly how to build your dream business.