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The Things About Being Pregnant NO ONE Wants to Tell You

by Kaleena Ruskin If you are a soon to be new mommy reading this blog. Congratulations! Motherhood is truly a treasure and quite the experience… At this point, it’s all very exciting and everyone’s telling you that you’re glowing, you feel like you’re glowing because you’re a walking miracle that’s creating life inside of your

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The Misconceptions About Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions

by Kaleena Ruskin I love peeing myself. I love that feeling of my organs feeling like they’re falling out. I love how my abs are separated and have created this cute little hole for my belly button. I love wearing a diaper as a grown woman.   Said NO ONE EVER!   No female in

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Kegels: Not the Miracle Exercise We’ve Been Sold

by Kaleena Ruskin Doctors, OBGYNs, doulas, midwives, your mom, your girlfriends, literally everyone has been telling us to do Kegels to help out our pelvic floor. Do them in the shower, in the car, while you’re watching TV, while you’re having a conversation, while you’re running, do them all day every day to make sure

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Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System (PCNS) Dysfunction

by Kaleena Ruskin At Gymnazo, we treat and handle a lot of movement dysfunctions that fly under the radar. As a pioneer in the emerging Movement Industry (bridging the gap between Physical Therapy and Fitness), we don’t just want our members to improve their fitness, we want them to live pain free lives while enjoying

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Bringing Post-Partum Healing to Women

by Michael Hughes Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to get up on “stage” in front of some of my favorite people in San Luis Obispo and share a little about the Gymnazo story. I joked that as the middle child, whenever I’m handed a microphone, there’s no telling when or if I’ll give

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Road to Recovery: Healing from Childbirth

by Paden Hughes 2017 was an incredible year of growth for me. Most notably, our family grew from two to three, and Michael and I got upgraded to Dad and Mom. In all of the positive and sweet moments that created a memorable year, there certainly were some surprising changes as well. Last year, I

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