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May 22, 2014

How to Harness the Power of the TRUE Stretch

By Michael Hughes

Do you ever have days where you wish someone would grab your head and feet and give your body a good stretch? As we go through our days, no matter our occupations, the cumulative compression of gravity and ground reaction force take their toll on our bodies. This daily compression affects our muscular, neurological and skeletal systems. It can also play a role in lower back pain.

One of our favorite ways to alleviate pain caused from compression forces, and distract the compression is to stretch out in the TRUE Stretch.

There are many ways to stretch, sometimes you’ll see people stretch out prone (parallel to the ground on their hands) or supine (laying down on your back). The TRUE Stretch allows us to stretch in an upright stance. By stretching in an upright function we can use the same forces that beat us up to help us heal. This type of stretching is critical to injury prevention and increasing flexibility.

We recommend that after a workout our members get into the TRUE Stretch and stretch out.  This is particularly important for members who experience post workout tightness or need relief from the compression of gravity and ground reaction force.

If you come to Gymnazo and are not sure how to start to use this equipment, here is a video to show you some beneficial stretching sequences to do after your workouts.

*Click here to view the video on YouTube

If you continue to prioritize stretching after workouts you will realize tremendous relief for continuous compression and feel far better walking out our doors and going back to your days.

If there are particular areas of the body you would like to know how to stretch, let us know below in a comment and we will make sure we post a video that targets that area for you.

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