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Living Congruently

By Paden Hughes I have a confession to make. Last fall, it took a health scare and my body breaking down to wake me up to the reality that all the stress from navigating the pandemic as a “non-essential” entrepreneur, with two kids under four, was TOO MUCH for my body. 2020 was the year

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Why Your Body Needs a Mechanic

by Michael Hughes I like to take note of events that are “firsts”.  Last week I had a very cool “first”: I had my tires rotated for the first time. Now that may seem pretty run of the mill to you, but when you go “all electric”, one of the benefits is how infrequently your

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The Key to Recovery: Do It Right the First Time

by Michael Hughes This past week, I’ve had the rare privilege of doing manual labor to pull out and replace a fence line on our property. While that statement may sound sarcastic, I assure you that I genuinely enjoy hands-on projects and the process of improvement. But with any project, there are always forks in

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Bringing Post-Partum Healing to Women

by Michael Hughes Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to get up on “stage” in front of some of my favorite people in San Luis Obispo and share a little about the Gymnazo story. I joked that as the middle child, whenever I’m handed a microphone, there’s no telling when or if I’ll give

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When Is the Pain Bad Enough to Address?

By Michael Hughes Sometimes the “American Dream” becomes a series of life stages and expectations like a checklist for success in our society. Example:  Late teens: Pick a college  Early 20’s: Find a job out of college  Late 20’s: Fall in love and get married Early 30’s: Have kids and buy a house  (That’s how

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The Importance of Fighting Stiffness

By Michael Hughes A couple weeks ago my family and I caravanned up to Tahoe for our annual family reunion. It’s a trip we always look forward to. Garwoods, fireworks, cold lake water, rafting down the Truckee river and late night family games. What’s not to love? Oh, that’s right, the 7.5 hour road trip.

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Announcing Two New Restoration Programs

by Michael Hughes Without a doubt having a newborn child makes you ponder the value of sleep like never before. It’s amazing to me how my wife can operate under such a lack of sleep night after night for almost two months. What further amazes me is how much my growing daughter sleeps (however short

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Want More Pain in Life? Keep Sitting.

By Michael Hughes It is a well known fact that many people sit all day long: at work, at school, while studying, and while constantly browsing the internet and answering emails. However, it is lesser known how destructive this constant sitting is to our bodies. With the increase in the sedentary, American lifestyle coupled with

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