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September 23, 2017

When Is the Pain Bad Enough to Address?

By Michael Hughes

Sometimes the “American Dream” becomes a series of life stages and expectations like a checklist for success in our society. Example: 

  • Late teens: Pick a college 
  • Early 20’s: Find a job out of college 
  • Late 20’s: Fall in love and get married
  • Early 30’s: Have kids and buy a house 
  • (That’s how far along the “list” I’ve figured out)

I remember the year I got married; Paden and I had no less than 12 weddings we were attending in 5 months!  It was like everyone was doing it. Now, all of our friends are having babies, and they seem to be locking down home investments and sadly making an exodus from SLO to more affordable neighborhoods in North County. 

I’ve recently started to get hooked on familiarizing myself with the local housing market. I know affordability is a local issue that local government is seeking to solve. But as someone with this future milestone looming in front of me, I can’t help but think of a recent experience I had. 

My parents seem to have the unique skill of being able to see the potential in the worst of places and turn it into a dream home. Growing up, they would drive us to our “new home” and it would be beyond depressing for us boys to look at the newest dump in our lives. For as far back as I can remember, our homes were in constant re-model mode. I now appreciate this skill they have. As I have yet to venture into home ownership, I like to look at less than promising homes and try to “see the potential.” 

A couple weeks ago, I saw a property close to downtown, that had a small front house and a studio/granny unit in the back. It was clearly lower in price than the local comps, so you have to wonder what’s wrong with it. Have you ever heard Realtors say that a house has “good bones”? Well this house may have had osteoporosis because when I look at it, the foundation looked like it was cracking and the roof looked questionable. 

Later, I mentioned it to my dad and he said, “Yikes! Houses that need foundation work AND roof damage? Even if they are livable you know you’ll eventually have to get after it and fix it.” 

I’ve thought about that recently. What a sad prospect to know something is damaged at its foundation (literally) and to have to live with it until you get around to fixing it. 

This happens all the time in fitness. How many of us walk into the gym with the same old nagging injuries and pains? We push through it because we think it’s livable and not yet at that critical place. 

What amount of pain is too much? What is the breaking point? When is it unbearable? 

At Gymnazo, we think a lot about our athletes and the bodies they live in. We only get one body and we want it to be better than “liveable”. We want it to be a sanctuary; a powerhouse able to withstand the activities we want to do. 

I encourage you: If you have an ache or pain that you have been nursing and putting off finally getting fixed, please let us know. We are experts at remodeling bodies 🙂 I do not say this in humility. While I may not have an eye for the perfect real estate project, I do have an eye for fixing movement dysfunction and reducing pain. Pain is not something you should have to live with until it gets so bad that you have no choice but to make radical changes. Let us help you. Trust that we are dedicated to assisting you in making sure your body is functional and ready for whatever you ask of it!

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