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March 27, 2017

Announcing Two New Restoration Programs

by Michael Hughes

Without a doubt having a newborn child makes you ponder the value of sleep like never before. It’s amazing to me how my wife can operate under such a lack of sleep night after night for almost two months. What further amazes me is how much my growing daughter sleeps (however short the spurts are) in a given 24 hour period. When’s the last time you averaged 13-15 hours in a 24 hour day?

One of the ladies in my life gets hardly any sporadic, interrupted sleep and has been feeling the effects of sleep deprivation. We recently had a discussion about ways I can support her, especially on the weekends when I’m home. So armed with the best of intentions, I set aside a Saturday to help. I kicked off the bedtime routine like a pro, woke up first for the mid-night wake up call and changed Kennedy’s diaper, woke Paden up to nurse and she was so thankful. I told her, “No problem, I’ll get up for the 6-8am alert time so you can sleep…” and there ended my best efforts as sleep took hold of me and when I woke up it was 10am and she’d been up with the baby since 6am.

Sleep is a powerful thing. As I’ve been watching the relationship a newborn and a new mom share with sleep, it’s reminded me of something I’ve known for a while: sleep is the bodies way to recharge, grow and heal. The importance of restoring your mind, body and soul cannot be overstated. If you know me or any other Gymnazo coach, you know we preach restoration religiously.

We’ve recently created two new programs at Gymnazo to focus on restoring our bodies. While we haven’t yet digressed as a society where people will pay us to let them come and actually sleep, we’ve done the next best thing: restorative movement practices.

  1. G Flow. With an emphasis on flexibility, dynamic controlled movement and slow paced strengthening, we’ve launched G Flow. This new program resembles yoga in many ways, with a feeling like Vinyasa Flow sessions. It’s unique in that it’s truly three dimensional and thus strays from more traditional poses associated with yoga. We hope you check it out. 
  2. Melt. Mold. Move. We also know there is a need to restore our muscle tissue and movement foundations of mobility and stability. So we created a shorter session entirely dedicated to the TrueStretch, targeted foam rolling and strategic motion patterns designed to facilitate muscle restoration to compliment your Gymnazo workout routine. This program will launch later this month and we are excited for it. 

Our bodies are truly incredible. It’s amazing to see what it can do, how is heals, how it grows, how it restores at a cellular level nightly to give us what we need to thrive the next day. If we value our bodies as a vehicle through which we discover and enjoy life, taking care of it is critical. As we value vitality at Gymnazo, we know our goal is to never over work your body, but to provide opportunities to push it and then help your body heal and repair. The delicate balance between hard workouts and restorative motion is something we seek to offer each member.  

Our hope for you this month is that you explore what that balance between performance and restoration is for you, and perhaps venture into one of our new programs to see if these type of restorative experiences bring value to you. We may not be able to promise you a full night of sleep, but we can give you a 45 minute to 1 hour break in your day to spend on yourself, in peace, giving your body the gift of restorative movement. 

Let’s place a premium on our bodies and seek to care for it like we would care for someone we love!

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