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Category: Motivation

Mental Health in 2020

by Paden Hughes Have you ever put on background music as you’re making dinner or any daily task, and for some reason, out of nowhere… BIG feelings surge through you, and you find yourself sobbing? I bet that’s NOT what you expected when you opened this email.   But that’s where we’re going because our country

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Built to Do Hard Things

by Paden Hughes At the risk of bringing up ANYTHING negative in a time of life when we are all proactively straining to find the positive… let me share with you that this last week really got to me. Maybe it was the helplessness of hearing that our beautiful state was burning with over 500

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There are two ways this could go… your choice.

So here’s the question: How do you stay accountable during a global pandemic when your world is upside down, your kids are around you 24/7 and you feel socially isolated and stressed? After surveying and calling over 50 of our members, we have learned first hand an honest account about just how hard 2020 has

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Control What You Can

You may not know this about us, but we both love movies about survival. Whether it’s about surviving war times, or surviving in the wild …. or even surviving Mars. We recently watched The Martian, and it was a powerful movie because it reminds you of just how strong the human spirit is. In short,

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COVID Half Time

By Paden Hughes If you’re a fan of sports movies, you know that the storyline tends to peak right around the halfway point in the critical game, when the coach steps into the locker room and gives a heartfelt pep talk to the team. Well… here we are. For all intents and purposes, I believe

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You matter… the power of showing up for yourself in times of uncertainty

by Michael Hughes & Paden Hughes Do you remember when everyone started to say that businesses needed websites, or email was a requirement at your job? Do you remember when everyone suddenly had their own mobile phones? We are living through a time in our lives where life as we knew is shifting. Not just

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Setting Goals

by Michael Hughes I can’t believe we are closing the books in a couple weeks on an entire decade! It’s a wild thought to look back and realize that this has been the most transformational decade I’ve experienced. But thinking back to who I was 10 years ago is really powerful. To put it into

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