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July 31, 2020

There are two ways this could go… your choice.

So here’s the question: How do you stay accountable during a global pandemic when your world is upside down, your kids are around you 24/7 and you feel socially isolated and stressed?

After surveying and calling over 50 of our members, we have learned first hand an honest account about just how hard 2020 has been on many of us. But even beyond us in our SLO bubble, the trends are bleak.

Generally speaking, it may never have been as easy to…

  • fall off the bandwagon with habits you used to love
  • feel negative and not know how to break the cycle
  • experience debilitating anxiety
  • find yourself eating or drinking all your feelings
  • binge watch shows like Tiger King
  • strain key relationships around you
  • and spiral into a cycle of shame about any of the above

Now before you all stop reading this email and sink into that pit-in-your-stomach feeling, let us remind you of some other things that are true…

  • this will pass
  • your life is a gift
  • your health has never mattered more
  • you have a history of prioritizing your health
  • when it could have been easy to sleep in or skip that workout, you showed up… not once but (probably if you’re reading this) HUNDREDS of times
  • you made time to do something for yourself
  • you made health a priority

So now it comes down to this:


What do you want to tell your kids when you look back?

How do you want to remember yourself?

Here’s how it COULD go, if you so choose…

“2020 rocked my world and was the biggest curveball in humanity that I’ve lived through. But it taught me a powerful lesson … that in times of hardship and pain, I can only double down on what I can control: Which is me. During 2020, I rose up and fought through to stay healthy mentally, emotionally and physically. I found an inner strength in me that I never had to test before. 2020 felt like a damn hard workout…. it was hell to go through, but I gave it everything I had and I rose up stronger, more confident and proud.”

You know what? We’re just going to say it. You deserve to make THAT your story about 2020. As your coaches, we KNOW you as an athlete.

Here’s who you are…

You are strong.

You are capable.

You are determined.

You can do hard things.

You come back stronger each time.

You are an example of putting yourself first.

You are the reason we love our job.

So it’s time to remember who you are. When you do, we are still delivering kickass workouts through both virtual experience and outdoors. There is still playful banter, coaches with big personalities and even bigger hearts, and friends of yours who are missing their workout partners.

We miss you. We believe in you. We can’t wait to see you and show 2020 who you are.

In your corner,

Team Gymnazo

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