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April 26, 2017

Gymnazo’s Growth in the Last 7 Years

by Michael Hughes

A couple months ago a friend asked Paden and I how long we’d been together. We were proud to say seven years, married for almost five of them. The reply we got was a little surprising, as our friend said, your relationship is the age of a first grader. Suddenly our time together seemed short when equated to the age of a small child. We laughed, internally grateful to be out of the infancy years.

Since that night I’ve often contemplated Gymnazo, also in its elementary years, in terms of its “age” at 7 years old. For those of you who joined us when we were a baby or a toddler in years, thank you! You have graciously stuck with us through growing pains, faltering steps and cheered for us with each milestone met. For those who joined us when we were kindergarten age, you may have caught us at a more capable stage in our journey. And for those who walked through our doors recently, you likely have expected more out of us than those who originally joined us. As we strive to continue to grow and reach new milestones that come with business maturity, we believe evolving is critical. 

Gymnazo started out with just one level of small group training, Ethos, now known as G2. From there we added a tougher program, Fortis, now G3. The we added our foundational program, Airo, now known as the G1 program. A year later we realized we needed to offer Semi-Private training, a program specifically tailored to the individual athlete and their goals whether it a need for performance, restoration or a combination. Recently added are 3D Movement Assessments used as a tool to track progress and reduction of dysfunction in our members. Within each of these programs we continue to evolve and improve. We re-write programs, we re-train more, we add new team members and we continually test new strategies, embracing one’s our members praise.

We are committed to growing and innovating so that each member is guaranteed to themselves grow into a better athlete. No matter what age we were when you first stepped through the door, we are committed that for every day you stay with us we will be better than when you first met us.

As we prepare for the summer and get adventure ready, get ready to learn more about new services and promotions we’re launching this summer!  It’s an exciting time to be part of the Gymnazo community!

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