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July 3, 2016

Gratitude for the Impact of Community

by Michael Hughes

It’s been said that Gymnazo is ‘my baby’. I get this a lot and always laugh because the implication that I’ve invested time, energy and money into something that started as an idea and has steadily been growing ever since, is pretty accurate. 

More than ‘my baby’ Gymnazo has been a constant network of caring people who have been there for many of my life’s events.

Usually you would get set up on blind dates from close friends. I had the Gymnazo 9:45am class for that. 

Usually you would have the bridal party put together a flash mob at your wedding. I had Gymnazo coaches and members for that. 

Usually you would hire a moving company to move your business into a new location. I had the Gymnazo community, both times. 

For many major events since 25 years old, Gymnazo members have been there for me without fail. Because of this, it’s now only appropriate that you share this next stage of my life with me. 

So usually we would post something like this on Facebook, but we want to share with our Gymnazo community first. Paden and I are proud to announce that we’ll be welcoming a baby girl to our family late January 2017! 

This is significant for many reasons for my family, one of which is that she will be the first female grandchild out of 13 on my side.

As many of you know I’ve been asking more baby questions during our sessions. Now you know why and can anticipate many future conversations seeking advice and guidance from my trusted network of Gymnazo members.

Many of you will watch our child grow up. Many of you will laugh with me as I share #DadFail moments as I embark as a new father. Many of you will watch me use my child as a guinea pig for endless amounts of 3D exercises. You may even be counted amongst my local spy network informing me on our childs’ whereabouts. I look forward to connecting at a whole new level with all of you who already are parents. You know better than I what 2017 will bring 🙂 

Looking forward to continue to share life with you!

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