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April 30, 2020

COVID Half Time

By Paden Hughes

If you’re a fan of sports movies, you know that the storyline tends to peak right around the halfway point in the critical game, when the coach steps into the locker room and gives a heartfelt pep talk to the team.

Well… here we are. For all intents and purposes, I believe we’re in the halftime of this COVID-19 shelter in place mandate… and this is our pep talk to each one of our incredible athletes.

This is it. This is your test.

After years of prioritizing your health, you’ve been thrown a total curveball in life. One that wasn’t your fault and wasn’t foreseen. It threw each one of us for a loop. It’s been isolating, frustrating, hard and crazy-making. That’s the honest truth.

But what if you faced these uncertain times like it was a giant test, handmade to test your resolve, to challenge your focus and to threaten your progress?

What if that was what COVID-19 became for you?

What if it’s a test to see if you have what it takes to rise up and stay true to yourself, your goals and be undaunted in your resolve?

This is the time, right now, to look back on the first half of this…. Have you strayed from your habits, your routines? Have you tabled your goals? Have you tried to shelve your need for personal time, healthy activities and daily rituals to make you feel good?

Think back. Take inventory. Consider.

Now realize that this is the turning point. This is the point when the initial shock of integrating all your facets of life into your home life have worn off. This is when it’s started to quiet down. This is when we start to get antsy and itch for something more.

This is half time.

The chant ringing through our ears is “Second half is ours!”

Second half is ours!
It doesn’t matter what the score is…. It doesn’t matter how many workouts you have or have not shown up for, or the number of times you slept through the snooze alarm. That’s all in the past. What matters is RIGHT NOW.

How are you going to live during the second half?

Are you going to come back to your why, come back to your goals and remember what it felt like to prioritize your health and wellbeing?

Are you going to schedule time right now in your calendar to work out? Are you going to treat yourself like a priority and go all in?

How you choose to experience the COVID-19 pandemic is up to you.

But as your coaches, we are here to push you to be more than you think you are. We are here to remind you of your goals, your dedication and your strength. We are here to unite us all under the mission of rising up past our circumstances, challenges and excuses and reach for MORE. More health, more vitality, more self-care.

Let’s make this second half the best half. Let’s play all out. Let’s dig in and do the work to come out stronger, better and prouder of who we are.

This is your test. This is your opportunity.

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