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January 27, 2021

Choosing Health As The Goal

by Paden Hughes

I came across this picture from a while ago and it really messed me up for a good day or two.

Do you ever look at photos of yourself and cringe because you don’t like the way you look? Well, you’re not alone.

But do you want to know what is worse than feeling critical about how you look now? It’s seeing a picture of yourself from your past that you were critical of back all those years…. only to realize that you wish you had that body today.

That’s what I thought when I saw this picture from WAY back in the day.

You look at that picture and instead of hearing that inner bully…. you feel shame. Shame that you “should have appreciated what you had when you had it.”

Do you want to know why this sudden reaction stings SO BADLY?

Because you come face to face with a vicious cycle that crushes TOO many spirits. It’s living in this state of never feeling good enough, attractive enough, successful enough, loved enough, appreciated enough, and the list goes on.

Body image plagues all of us. At all ages. No matter your gender. It’s a pandemic, in and of itself.

It may shock you to know that 90% of most people you meet, no matter how handsome or pretty you think they are, they too struggle to cultivate a healthy body image.

But I read this epic phrase a while ago that rang so true for me:

“Don’t hate yourself skinny; love yourself healthy.”

In those words, the choice is obvious.

Letting go of hate and reaching for love is like raising your hand in Sunday School with the go-to answer “Jesus” for any question they ask. It’s easy to know what the “right” answer is.

But here’s the moment of truth:

Are you willing to let go of having your ideal body type and reaching for being healthy instead? It’s easier to say, and harder to put into practice.

It may mean unfollowing certain accounts on social media that create a toxic comparison game for you. It may mean donating your pair of skinny jeans that you shame yourself for not being able to fit in any more. Or throwing away the damn scale.

It may mean that you focus your energy on what true health looks like.

True health is the opposite of vanity metrics. It is about feeling good in your skin. Feeling strong and capable when you enjoy activities. Enjoying but not abusing food. Fostering meaningful relationships. Surrounding yourself with positive role models and messages. Taking time to cultivate your spirit and wellbeing.

So what is it in 2021?

Healthy or skinny (or built)?

If your answer is “healthy”, you’re exactly who we want to work with this year. You are who we obsess about serving. You’re our kind of person.

And we want to support and uplift you in 2021.

If you’re not an active member with us, let’s activate your commitment to health today. Click on this offer and check out how to join us.

Cheering for you!

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