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You matter… the power of showing up for yourself in times of uncertainty

by Michael Hughes & Paden Hughes Do you remember when everyone started to say that businesses needed websites, or email was a requirement at your job? Do you remember when everyone suddenly had their own mobile phones? We are living through a time in our lives where life as we knew is shifting. Not just

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Setting Goals

by Michael Hughes I can’t believe we are closing the books in a couple weeks on an entire decade! It’s a wild thought to look back and realize that this has been the most transformational decade I’ve experienced. But thinking back to who I was 10 years ago is really powerful. To put it into

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How to Achieve Balance in Your Body

by Michael Hughes Would it surprise you to hear that one of the dark sides of being in the fitness industry is actually making time to work out and take care of yourself? It’s reminiscent of the phrase “the cobbler’s children don’t have shoes.” It’s something we take very seriously at Gymnazo. We even have

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3 Hard Things I’ve Experienced Since Shifting My Workload

by Michael Hughes I’ve recently shifted my role at Gymnazo and had less on the floor training time than ever in my professional life. It has been humbling for several reasons: I have had to re-learn how to use my time wisely. I used to get 20-30 minutes in between sessions to quickly respond to

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Why doing the boring stuff works

by Paden Hughes I’m addicted to podcasts. I never thought they were cool until people I admire couldn’t stop talking about them. So I decided to hop on the podcast train and now I’m also addicted…To the point where I’d rather listen to a podcast than watch a show.  One of the best podcasts is

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Shifting Focus

by Paden Hughes I was listening to a podcast and the host asked, “If you were offered a $10 million check, but the price of receiving it was that you couldn’t experience real love in your life or have close connections with your kids… would you take it?“  My instant reaction was no doubt similar

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“If you want success in any area, hard work is the price of admission.”

by Michael Hughes Last week, we had the opportunity to go to the MINDBODY BOLD conference where we had three luxurious days to learn about industry trends, business strategies, and how to evolve our business to best meet needs. When you run a fitness facility, there are two types of educational events we go to:

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I think I can, I think I can…

by Michael Hughes I have a nightly ritual with my two and a half year old daughter where we read books and sing songs before bed together. It’s one of my favorite times of the day. Now with two kids, I play a much larger role with her and it’s been incredible to see our

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