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February 24, 2018

Bringing Post-Partum Healing to Women

by Michael Hughes

Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to get up on “stage” in front of some of my favorite people in San Luis Obispo and share a little about the Gymnazo story. I joked that as the middle child, whenever I’m handed a microphone, there’s no telling when or if I’ll give it back. But recognizing that not everyone at our Annual Party knew the origins of Gymnazo, I took the opportunity to share a little more about how our programs and services have evolved over the years. I was struck with a key theme in our story:

We have expanded our services every time, to take what we do successfully in Exclusive training to reach more people, at a more affordable price. 

I think back to the days when we were in Kennedy Club Fitness, and we only offered two levels of group training (now G2 and G3). I remember one Kennedy member in particular, who would pop her head in and check out the workout of the day and then walk away. When I’d invite her to join us, she’d joke that once I created a program that wouldn’t bother her knees, she’d be there. So I did. We developed a new program (now G1) to address her concerns, and it’s been one of the key differentiators of what makes Gymnazo unique. We welcome those who have aches and pains and we have a plan or program for you when you arrive. So thank you, Debbie Duggan! 

Since then, we’ve created Semi Private training and Melt.Mold.Move. to address other needs in our membership. Each program continues to grow and further evolve the services at Gymnazo. 

I’m happy to announce that we’re now preparing to launch a new program to respond to the needs of moms and women in our membership and community. It is something I’ve been concerned about for a long time and have recently been able to put together all the pieces and science needed to create a program we are proud of. The larger AFS (Applied Functional Science) community has recently released some truly groundbreaking strategies and techniques, and we are better positioned to meet the needs of our members than ever before. 

What’s really amazing to me about all of this, is the convergence of recognizing the need for helping women recover from giving birth, finding new research and techniques, and watching my wife’s own journey to recover post birth. 

This last year, working with my wife to recover from childbirth has been enlightening. After giving birth, many women’s Pelvic Core Neuromuscular Systems (PCNS) are compromised. The need to rebuild the PCNS post birth is really common with new moms, in particular. It doesn’t always heal on its own and therefore requires specialized training. After confirming this was certainly a big factor, CJ and I started to program for this in Paden’s Exclusive and Semi Private workouts  

Since then, Kaleena, CJ and I have been sharpening our scientific knowledge of this dysfunction, as well as the techniques and strategies to train these systems, to help the women in our lives. What we’ve learned is that this is a common issue for women, and it is one we can solve. When we realize it’s in our grasp to offer a solution that our members (or family members) seek, it’s something we fast track. Kaleena is taking the lead on bringing this program to San Luis Obispo, and we are excited to see how it impacts the women in our community. 

So ladies, keep your eyes open for an email in the next couple of weeks, which will include more information and details! We will be launching Female Core Conversion sessions, specifically designed to target rebuilding the Pelvic Core Neuromuscular System.

Since there seems to be a lot of confusion about what this dysfunction entails and who it impacts, Paden wrote a blog post to describe her experience, and Kaleena wrote a blog post describing more of the science behind what it is and how to train for it. If you’re wondering if you have a PCNS limitation, I encourage you to read these and see if this new program would benefit you. 

More than anything, we seek to provide real solutions for our members. If you have a concern or something you are struggling with that you haven’t shared with a team member, please let us know. We don’t want anyone to struggle in silence, with anything movement related. Let us innovate for you and together we will continue to shape and build Gymnazo services to impact our community!

Do you suffer from PCNS dysfunction? Take our quiz to evaluate your risk.

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