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Conventional Training in an Unconventional World: Why 3D Training in Sports Matter

By Kaleena Ruskin With all these World Cup games going on, it’s easy to see why soccer players are some of the world’s most elite athletes. They walk, run, sprint, and jump forwards, backwards, upwards, and laterally. It’s 90 minutes of extreme physical demands-which explains those fantastic physiques! As a local soccer coach, I know

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Injury Prevention Requires a Mental Shift in Gym Goers

by Michael Hughes It has been a growing concern of mine, as a gym owner and coach, that rehabilitation and restoration is undervalued by the average American gym goer. In San Luis Obispo most of our gym goers are white collar workers, inactive most hours in the day, who come into the gym, expecting a

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How to Train for a More Balanced Golf Swing

By Michael Hughes One of my joys in coaching is being able to take truths of Applied Functional Science and see them in action while playing a sport. Since our February Gymnazo Golf Tournament, my wife and I have been working on our golf game. As a beginner, she often asks me questions about her

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The Power of Setting Goals

By Michael Hughes I love the start of a new year. You don’t know who will approach you with an incredible idea, what curveballs you will have a chance to bat against, or how the new year’s events will mold and change you. It’s full of possibility. With possibility comes the opportunity to dream big,

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