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What is Functional Training?

by Michael Hughes DEFINING TRUE FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Applied functional science may sound confusing, however, simply put it applies three types of scientific principles to individuals in order to create and maximize human function. These three truths, or field of facts, are: physical sciences, behavior sciences, and biological sciences. But what does that mean… It means that

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Science Tip: What Causes Plantar Fasciitis

By Michael Hughes PROBABLE CAUSES Plantar Fasciitis involves pain and inflammation of a thick band of tissue, called the plantar fascia, that runs across the bottom of the foot connecting the calcaneus, or heel bone, to the toes. This pain occurs when the foot has not fully resupinated (one of the actions required for a

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Gymnazo Health Care Reform

By Michael Hughes There has been a lot of hype and conversations since Obama took office on the issue of health care reform. (Don’t worry, this is not a political blog post!) No matter where you stand on nationalizing or privatizing health care, one thing we can all agree on… health care is a concern

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4 Reasons Small Group Training is So Popular

by Michael Hughes Bridge the Gap Between Personal Training and Mass Training Have you ever been suckered into a large yoga class or group Pilates class, with over 30 to 50 attendees crammed together trying to see the trainer’s movements, or see yourself in a mirror to make sure your form is right? Why We Don’t

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Is Gymnazo Like CrossFit?

by Michael Hughes In an interview with Ryan Foran and Paul Terek from ESPN’s radio show Living the Run talking about Gymnazo, I am used to answering the full gamut of questions.  After asking me a little about Gymnazo, who we are, what we offer and why we don’t ever do sit ups in class, Ryan

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