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Want More Pain in Life? Keep Sitting.

By Michael Hughes It is a well known fact that many people sit all day long: at work, at school, while studying, and while constantly browsing the internet and answering emails. However, it is lesser known how destructive this constant sitting is to our bodies. With the increase in the sedentary, American lifestyle coupled with

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How to Find the Right Fitness Program for You

By Michael Hughes If you’ve ever studied or observed the human body, no doubt you’ve realized that the human body was designed to act as a whole. Sure in a human anatomy class we isolate and learn about each separate bone, joint, ligament and muscle. But outside the classroom, in the gym and in everyday

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[Video Tutorial] How to Stretch the Upper Back After Sitting a Long Time

By Michael Hughes Last week my wife was working out with me in Fortis (our advanced group training program) doing a variance of a push up. She’s was in her second round, going strong and then I saw her arm buckle and face grimace. She tried again to do a push up, and cringed in

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How to Harness the Power of the TRUE Stretch

By Michael Hughes Do you ever have days where you wish someone would grab your head and feet and give your body a good stretch? As we go through our days, no matter our occupations, the cumulative compression of gravity and ground reaction force take their toll on our bodies. This daily compression affects our

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Sweat It Out- Beating Stress through Exercise

by: Kaleena Ruskin A recent survey of 2,500 adults by NPR, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard School of Public Health found that 49% of people had a major stressful event occur within the year. Majority of stresses came from their financial situation, work problems, too many responsibilities overall, and poor health. While

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