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April 3, 2018

Building My Dream

by Michael Hughes

Have you ever known someone, who from a very young age, knew what they wanted to be when they grew up? In 8th grade I wanted to be a Physical Therapist. Athletics and strength training were passions of mine, but I saw how devastating injuries were to athletes. A bad injury had the power to change the course of a star high school athlete’s career. What if I could help the healing process and get athletes rehabbed and back to their game? Sounded like my dream job. I went to college at Fresno State majoring in Kinesiology as a stepping stone to applying to post college Physical Therapy programs. 

The plan was in process, until I was rejected from PT schools, not once, but three times. Looking back now with hindsight, it was one of the best things to happen to me. It forced me to get back to the core of my dream and realigning my plan to get there. 

My dream as it turns out was not rooted in getting the initials DPT at the end of my name, my dream has always been rooted in helping people get back to the activities that bring them joy. That dream could still be realized. 

I started Gymnazo not because I wanted to own my own business or because I thought I could change the world of fitness. I started Gymnazo because a group of fitness enthusiasts at Kennedy believed in me, they stood by me, trusted me and encouraged me as I pursued my Fellowship of Applied Functional Science. 

Gymnazo today is becoming more and more that dream of mine. Our programs all have rehabilitation strategies blended with performance. It’s critical to our roots and our heartbeat. We exist to give each of you a place to workout that is inspiring, encouraging and safe.

The Gymnazo team knows that my favorite program in Gymnazo is the Semi-Private program, which we launched exactly one year ago. I am thankful for the role Semi-Private training is playing, as it gives me the chance to give solutions to members struggling with movement limitations or nagging pain. It gives us a way to better take care of their bodies and to catch movement dysfunction before they injure themselves.  

Fitness can be frustrating when out of the blue you feel a tweak and or get injured. Recovery is critical for any athlete. It’s important to take the time to catch movement limitations before an injury occurs. I remain passionate about this because it is core to my goal for each member, which is to only get better outside of the gym because of what they do inside it.  Small group training is a lot of fun, but as a ” movement fixer” it’s hard to see solutions and not have the time to dedicate to that member to start working on improving their range of motion. 

So if you would like to try to prevent injuries or work through pain or movement limitation, I recommend Semi-Private training, even if it’s just once a month maintenance. Each coach is invested in your well being and your future capabilities. We see the human body as a puzzle and want to unlock its potential for each individual. It’s why I started Gymnazo and why it’s evolved to incorporate more and more restoration.

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