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January 24, 2018

Building Habits to Create Your Personal Definition of Success

by Michael Hughes

We can all agree there is something nostalgic about turning over a new leaf and considering your hopes for a new beginning. Whether it’s building closer family relationships, being more present with your kids, learning a new skill or making self-care a priority, I do think there is something pure behind the fanfare about setting intentions or goals for a new year. 

This year, Paden and I slept through the New Year, tossing and turning and waking up often to our poor daughter’s distraught cries when she couldn’t breathe. Quite honestly, it wasn’t until last week that we finally felt like we were mentally in 2018.

Last year, one of my mentors inspired me when he shared that every year, he and his wife individually commit to doing one thing in the new year, whether it’s finding a new stock to invest in or learning to play the guitar. I liked this, and so for our date night last week, Paden and I came with our “one thing” we wanted to do in 2018. 

In preparation for our conversation, I read a couple of interesting articles describing what happy and successful people have in common. If I was going to commit myself to a goal, I may as well evaluate the practices that have been discovered to be both wise and beneficial by those who are further along in their journey. I found it interesting to read two articles that highlighted the habits shared by wealthy people and happy people as well as the habits that studies have contributed to their “success.”

Of course, I immediately picked up on the fact that fitness appears on both lists. Be happy that being part of Gymnazo is helping you on your journey to being wealthier and happier! 

But what really struck me was the first item on the top of the wealthy list: Reading to inhale information and knowledge. I can honestly describe myself as having a constant thirst for knowledge. I really find so much happiness in reading and consuming valuable information. In fact, over the past year, it’s been weighing on me to see the mounting tower of highly recommended books that I haven’t made the time to read. So on our date, I was ready to share with Paden that 2018 would be the year I tackled that tower. 

If you know my wife, you know we are quite opposite of one another. But deep down, we care about and love the same things. So it was absolutely awesome when, over tortellini at Cafe Roma, Paden shared with me that she really wanted to be a good business leader and learn more through reading. Being a bit more structured, she had already decided which evenings she wanted to dedicate to reading. After I shared my goal, we laughed and agreed to read more and invest in learning in 2018.  

I share this with you for three reasons:

  1. To inspire you. As you read the above lists, what do you would want to incorporate into your 2018?
  2. To invite you to ask me which book I’m currently reading, and to ask for a takeaway.
  3. To congratulate you that you’ve already made a commitment to fitness  – something that doesn’t have to be a resolution, as it’s already part of your lifestyle.

Here’s to a fantastic 2018, going on our 8th year in business!  We look forward to sharing the year with you and seeing you at our annual party next month!

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