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Gymnazo’s Growth in the Last 7 Years

by Michael Hughes A couple months ago a friend asked Paden and I how long we’d been together. We were proud to say seven years, married for almost five of them. The reply we got was a little surprising, as our friend said, your relationship is the age of a first grader. Suddenly our time

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Announcing Two New Restoration Programs

by Michael Hughes Without a doubt having a newborn child makes you ponder the value of sleep like never before. It’s amazing to me how my wife can operate under such a lack of sleep night after night for almost two months. What further amazes me is how much my growing daughter sleeps (however short

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10 Things to Give Up to be Successful in 2017 (Part 2)

by Paden Hughes One of my all time favorite movies is It’s a Wonderful Life. In this movie the question of what makes someone a success is at the heart of the story. George Bailey is beloved by all, saved many families during the depression from being turned out of their homes and dignified his

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Whole30 Week 4: The Grand Finale (Part 5)

by Kaleena Andruss Join Coach Kaleena as she goes through the Whole30 Program. WE DID IT! We completed our 30 day health and fitness challenge. Through the ups and downs, the cravings, the mood swings, the avoidance of alcohol like the plague, the seemingly endless hours of meal prep, and the careful reading of nutrition

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Whole30 Week 3: I refuse to lose. (Part 4)

by Kaleena Andruss Join Coach Kaleena as she goes through the Whole30 Program. That.was.fast. I’m seriously amazed at how quickly this is going by. Day 1 felt like the death of all things tasty and delicious. I was mourning the loss of carbs, cheese, and beer and it felt like 30 days was just so

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