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6 Ways to Increase Your Mental Toughness

By Michael Hughes I admit that I have an unquenchable thirst to know more about pretty much anything that I take an interest in. For those of you who train regularly with me, you know I like to stay fairly up to speed on the following: Space X rocket launches  everything Tesla housing and land

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When Is the Pain Bad Enough to Address?

By Michael Hughes Sometimes the “American Dream” becomes a series of life stages and expectations like a checklist for success in our society. Example:  Late teens: Pick a college  Early 20’s: Find a job out of college  Late 20’s: Fall in love and get married Early 30’s: Have kids and buy a house  (That’s how

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The Origins & Future of Fitness

By Michael Hughes I had the honor last month to address this year’s Leadership SLO group for Health & Human Services day. (Sidenote: If you don’t already know about Leadership SLO, I encourage you to look into it. Both Paden and I have been a part of this annual 10 month program that is devoted

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The Importance of Fighting Stiffness

By Michael Hughes A couple weeks ago my family and I caravanned up to Tahoe for our annual family reunion. It’s a trip we always look forward to. Garwoods, fireworks, cold lake water, rafting down the Truckee river and late night family games. What’s not to love? Oh, that’s right, the 7.5 hour road trip.

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Don’t Overlook Small Progressions In Life

by Michael Hughes Every Friday afternoon I proudly head up the Hughes Household “Daddy Daycare”. Currently not accepting applications and only comprising of one very cute almost 5 month old, Fridays are a day I look forward to.  My favorite thing is to witness my daughter’s growth and small changes. Two weeks ago during Daddy

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