2 Weeks of Unlimited Training


Stress 101

by Michael Hughes Recently, I’ve been blessed to connect with more of our new members, as they enter the Gymnazo community. As we go through their fitness consultations, I am often asked what they can do to improve their health.  More specifically, if they don’t have time to do much, where should they focus their

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Finding Your Way Through Conflicting Values as a Leader

by Michael Hughes One of the hardest things as an entrepreneur is to let go of control and pass the baton to an employee. I remember when I was the only coach of the Gymnazo program, and the first time I added Trevor Smith to the coaching schedule. Nervous excitement. A bit of vulnerability. Hoping

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Why Your Body Needs a Mechanic

by Michael Hughes I like to take note of events that are “firsts”.  Last week I had a very cool “first”: I had my tires rotated for the first time. Now that may seem pretty run of the mill to you, but when you go “all electric”, one of the benefits is how infrequently your

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Do Hard Things

by Michael Hughes Picture this: It’s Monday, you finish a 12 hour work day, doing what you love, come home and kiss you daughter before she goes to bed, and then you and your wife roll up your sleeves and move 52 wheel barrels of dirt from your yard to a dump truck parked on

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What Our Bodies Can Do When We Believe We Can

by Michael Hughes One of the best things about being a parent is having a front row seat as to how human beings begin to engage and understand the world around them. Until recently, Kennedy’s riskiest move was to climb onto the couch and jump on the cushions with her eyes closed. We felt she

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