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The Balancing Act of Motherhood and How It Impacts Self-Care

by Michael Hughes A couple weeks ago, my pregnant wife was feeling run down and tired after a long work week. Trying to be the caring husband, I remembered she’d been wanting to go see “Bad Moms” in theaters but ironically all her “mom friends” either were preoccupied with their newborns or were too busy

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Strive to be well-rounded

by Michael Hughes I love Track & Field. Not only was it my favorite sport growing up, but the breadth of events and variety of athleticism is truly incredible. The last few weeks I’ve enjoyed going home and watching the Track & Field competitions and this year was truly struck by Ashton Eaton’s second consecutive

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Introduction: How I Stayed Fit in My Pregnancy

by Paden Hughes Follow the journey of a fitness facility owner during her 1st pregnancy What type of exercises are allowed during pregnancy? What is unsafe at which stage of your pregnancy? In a recent study most women tend to stop exercising during pregnancy. This seems crazy to me, but after tuning into some of

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Gratitude for the Impact of Community

by Michael Hughes It’s been said that Gymnazo is ‘my baby’. I get this a lot and always laugh because the implication that I’ve invested time, energy and money into something that started as an idea and has steadily been growing ever since, is pretty accurate.  More than ‘my baby’ Gymnazo has been a constant

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Training to Feel Better Not Just Look Better

by Michael Hughes When I was a boy my father, another small business owner, always needed to be close by to run his business. Traveling outside California was hard to do, especially in the summer. So to ensure the five of us boys and my mom enjoyed our summer breaks he bought a cabin at

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