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February 3, 2017

Life is a Big Test

by Michael Hughes

Recently I was reminded that life is really just one big test. Life tests us, for better or worse, every moment of the day. We’re tested mentally, physically, and emotionally. Sometimes in small ways and sometimes in larger ways. Sometimes we pick our own tests. Tests do not promise comfort, but they do promise growth.

Our members choose to test themselves physically on a weekly and even daily basis. They pick up their cell phones or get on their computers and they sign up for discomfort. They sign up for a challenge. They sign up to be pushed. Ultimately, I am proud to see our members signing up for a delayed reward. Life is all about enduring tests and gaining the rewards of those tests.

Everything we do in life is a test. Meeting that special person and having the courage to go talk to them- that’s a test. The reward is the relationship that blossoms afterwards; friendship, marriage, etc. There is the test of bringing up children and the reward of unconditional love.

When the CEO of a high growth business doesn’t workout, when they “don’t have time”, they are missing out on training their willpower and dedication. They miss out on bettering and strengthening themselves, which would ultimately benefit their business. What we deal with at the gym, what we put ourselves through, is testing and challenging our physical and mental strength to receive the reward that brings. Willpower transcends everything. Whether you gain it in a seminar, in the gym, or on the dance floor, it transcends across all spectrums.

Our members come in to challenge, celebrate, and empower themselves on a daily basis. We are so proud and honored to host such an incredible group of athletes.

Let’s make 2017 one of our best years yet!

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