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November 24, 2020

A Handful of Reasons to Give Thanks This Year

by Paden Hughes

How many times in your life have you gone through something HARD?

Picture that time and think back to when you experienced that season of life. No matter how much someone wanted to relate to you, is it often that they ever truly could?

I don’t know about you but my most challenging seasons in my life have felt like they were MINE to navigate through, and that felt very isolating.

But not 2020.

This is the year that we collectively went through a challenging time. Some more than others, but for the first time in my lifetime, the entire world seems united in this dark time.

And because of that, I believe there are some truly unique things to be thankful for this season.

Join me in celebrating these: 

  1. We have never recognized the importance of protecting our health as much as we have this year. The lack of health is enough to terrify us all into doing things we never would have imagined. This unites us in our determination to prioritize health. 
  2. We collectively see the profound impacts of social isolation. Isolation itself is not new. But together we are all grappling with our need to connect, to share our lives and to live our lives as a part of a larger collective. It is vital to our mental health and soul. We need each other. 
  3. Technology is a gift. If it were not for technology, we would not be able to train our clients from the comfort of their homes. If it were not for technology, grandparents wouldn’t be able to connect as easily with their grandkids. Remote parties and even work meetings would be impossible. It has provided to us an outlet to the outside world that was not available in 1918 (the last global pandemic). 
  4. There is power in shared suffering. Have you ever done an incredibly hard workout next to someone you barely knew? Does the shared experience of coming through that tough workout bring you closer together? It certainly does! 2020 is bringing us all together more than we may be aware of. I think of 2020 as one big mental/emotional workout. Business competitors I may have wanted to beat out, are now with me in this fight for survival, and I genuinely want us all to succeed. THAT is what a shared experience can do for us. 
  5. We have never been more in tune with our core values than this year. I don’t care what side of the fence you find yourself; I bet you’ve never had to consider more of your personal values than this year. And I bet you’ve never felt more tested. This year has delivered more opportunities to speak your truth than ever before. I believe it has awakened us to our role in this world and bringing order and wellbeing back to our communities. We have never been more in tune with our role and position. It is powerful. 


This year, whether your Thanksgiving is minimal, or shared through Zoom, or in a small gathering, let us join together in gratitude for this year and the silver linings we may NOT have wished for, but are thankful for nonetheless.

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