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September 11, 2014

4 Reasons Small Group Training is So Popular

by Michael Hughes

Bridge the Gap Between Personal Training and Mass Training

Have you ever been suckered into a large yoga class or group Pilates class, with over 30 to 50 attendees crammed together trying to see the trainer’s movements, or see yourself in a mirror to make sure your form is right?

Why We Don’t Favor Large Fitness Classes

Group training is really popular in fitness centers. However there is a far higher number of trainees to trainers than research says is optimal. There is usually a stage, and dozens of people crowding in to get the most out of their workout. This makes it near impossible to modify stretches for the mother who is recovering from a torn ACL, or the man in the corner who just threw out his back on a construction site last week. How would the head trainer even know what injuries their class attendees have? How can the trainer correct the girl who is over extending her back and straining her abdominal muscles?

Most people say, “Well that’s just group training. It’s affordable, but it’s not that thorough. If you want that kind of attention, just hire a personal trainer.”

There is another option, whether you are aware of it or not. It’s called small group training.

What is small group training?

Did you know Gymnazo group training sessions only allow 16 trainees per trainer?

At Gymnazo we always want to have a trainer be able to control and cultivate a group atmosphere. We want our trainers to still create the value of being able to correct bad form, give personal encouragement and cater to each individual in a semi-private group environment.

As a result, our small group trainings are our most popular product.

Four benefits of semi-private training include:
1. Cost
2. Group cohesion
3. Accountability
4. Encouragement

Save money with small group training

Small group training gives individuals the opportunity to get a good product and save money. Personal training has a high expense! These days prices range from $50-125 per hour.

Instead of paying $50-125 per hour for personal “general fitness” training, we offer our clients the opportunity to get the modifications they need, the personal connection with the trainer and still get that group dynamic that created a team environment and accountability structure that keep our clients excited to attend week in and week out.

Get inspired by competitive camaraderie

Some people feel awkward with one-on-one training. One trainer, you, a gym full of people watching and way too much attention on your every movement. It can be hard for some to work out while feeling like a fish in a bowl.

If you think back to your team sport days, one of the biggest motivators is seeing your teammates and feeling that you belong to that group. Gymnazo members repeatedly praise the semi-private team training for bringing back that sense of “I can’t let my team down,” or “I want to see how everyone is.” We enjoy sharing passions with like-minded people.

Having a sense of going through the ringer together. Struggling through a particularly hard workout bonds people together. It also provides the opportunity to compete with one another for better results. This is a huge benefit to those who rely on those around them to set goals and benchmarks from which they can measure their own performance. Some of our members really enjoy this element.

Other are not competitive and enjoy the sense of camaraderie found within Gymnazo.

Join a group for accountability

It’s always a huge motivator for our clients to come into class and have one or two other members remember if they missed one day last week and ask what happened?

In a semi-private group setting goals are discussed individually, personal schedules known, work stresses verbalized and weekend stories swapped. When members encourage other members to complete the 30-day challenge, or to join them for their 6am team training, there is a greater reason to get out of bed in the morning. It stems from not letting down your team, and missing that rapport throughout your day.

Be encouraged in your choice to prioritize health

Everyone has days they lose sight of their goal. They forget where they started and how far they have come. Having a trainer who knows their goals and knows their capabilities and limitations allows each member to feel understood and encouraged. The trainer is able to verbally reinforce and support a member more easily in smaller groups.

So there you go! Four reasons to stop by and see for yourself!

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