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The only local fitness center dedicated to helping people over 50 live their best lives.

San Luis Obispo’s Highest Rated Fitness Experience

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We offer 1-on-1 personal training; semi-private sessions in groups of 4 or less; small group training; and our own mobility based restorative practice

  • Athletic Performance

    If you’ve burned out or lost enthusiasm for traditional workouts, we’ll keep things fresh and focused on the goals you have in your sport, in the gym, or for an event. You’ll reach your highest potential and gain the edge you want and deserve.

    • 60-minute assessment with a performance coach
    • Review your goals and health history
    • Create a custom plan to your goals
  • Functional Fitness

    You need strength, stamina and flexibility for the tasks of everyday life – the everyday life YOU want to live. No matter what you enjoy, functional fitness is designed to improve your ability to do it, from travel to hobbies, from playing with family to gardening and more.

    • You’ll train like a well-rounded athlete for whatever life brings you.
    • Exercises often resemble actions you perform in life.
    • Variety of movements and intensities.
  • Pain Relief & Mobility

    Don’t let aches and pains – from injuries or ordinary maturing — keep you on the sidelines of life. We offer a simple roadmap to pain-free living that works. It will get you living pain-free and back to doing what you love.

    • 60-minute assessment on goals and healthy history
    • Identify limitations and pain in movement
    • Tailor a plan to meet your goals
  • Female Pelvic Core

    Women’s bodies go through profound changes midlife, including menopause. Most feel embarrassed if they experience incontinence, prolapse and other symptoms of a damaged pelvic floor. Let’s get your body back! We’ve created a simple, effective method to eliminate those symptoms and get you back to enjoying life on your own terms.

    • 60-minute review of history, goals and concerns
    • Identify limitations and pain in movement
    • Discreet, respectful training opportunities

Do You Struggle with Fitness?

At Gymnazo we believe….

Are you frustrated that you can’t physically do everything you want to? You should be able to rely on your body to do what you need it to, when you need it
Do you feel pain when you move or feel injury prone in the same muscle groups? You deserve a body that is pain free
Is it hard to find a way to fit fitness into your schedule? You will make time for fitness if its convenient, fun and effective
Do you find most gyms intimidating? Working out should be fun, fresh and positive
Have you tried other programs and given up? Fitness is about finding your tribe and once you do, you can’t imagine life without them
Are you bored in your workouts? Workouts need to be as varied as all the real-life ways you use and hope to use your body
Have you gained back all the weight you lost? It shouldn’t be this hard to get into shape and stay that way
Do you struggle to keep up with your kids? You deserve to experience life with your loved ones and be able to keep up with your kids
Do you miss out on life because you aren’t physically ready? A high functioning, healthy body is the gateway to living your best life and making lasting memories with your loved ones