Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.
— Vincent Van Gogh

Our Evolution







In the same way we prioritize function in our workouts, we value and adjust our facility for the practical way in which we want it to function. Simply put, we think through all the details of our space and make sure it works well for our members and team. 

We believe when an athlete walks into a space in order to workout that it should be open, inspiring and purposeful. In essence it is a blank slate in which coaches can re-design daily to match the workouts they've planned. 

We want all to feel welcome, connected and sense that they belong when they walk into our facility. The pride we take in it and the time we spend to evolve it is always with the heart to make it more warm, inviting and innovative. We designed it for you. We want it to be used by you and be the kind of place you can bring your friends and family and show them around with confidence. 

Our Facility


To give you a feel of what you space currently looks like, below are some photos. 

We are always happy to show potential members our facility and give you a tour of our space. If you're interested please email us at 





Coming from Broad, headed towards the airport, turn right on Aerovista. Continue down, turning into the final parking lot on the right hand side, where Mercy Church is located. From there you're welcome to park and find our entrance between the two warehouse buildings. Our logo should be easily visible from either side of the parking lot.  


Space Sharing /   Sub-Leasing Opportunities









We have a lot of room for like-minded practices to enter into space sharing or sub-lease agreements with us. 

In the past we've partnered with sports specific trainers to set up equipment on site and use during nights and weekends, when our training is not dominating the space. We've also sub-leased to talented massage therapists looking to pay a flat rate room rental and get away from the profit share model choking their ability to grow their profit. 

Currently have the following spaces available for rent, pending landlord approval: 

  • 9x11ft. office 
  • 8x13ft. office 

We are also open to the following space sharing opportunities, pending landlord approval: 

  • 600 sq. ft. studio (great for yoga or small group low equipment sessions) - nights and weekends 
  • 15x120 ft. Turf rental nights and weekends for non-competing athlete training


Interested in Renting or Space Sharing Opportunities?

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