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    Former Gymnazo Small Group Training Member & new forward for the Boston Breakers.

I was referred to Gymnazo by a body builder friend. I had asked about CrossFit and she replied that she thought Gymnazo would be better for me. She said Gymnazo got her in the best shape of her life. I am a competitive shooter and was unable to train because of a medical issue for 4 months. I wanted to get back into shape as quickly as I could.

It's definitely working. I have been dropping weight and am standing much straighter. My daily walks downtown are easier as is climbing the parking structure everyday. My body looks different in the mirror (better) and my pants are looser (all within a month).

What I love about Gymnazo is the professionalism of the coaches, that they change the workouts every time I come in and that I'm not concerned over safety doing the workout. The members are also some of the friendliest people. It's just a great facility. I would certainly recommend Gymnazo, its the best physical thing I have ever done for myself.

My soccer coach was encouraging us to find ways to compliment our team training. I wanted to improve my agility and speed performance while working on the muscle groups that I use in soccer. I wanted to become stronger. I wanted to strengthen my core and balance because I had suffered a few ankle injuries and I knew that working on these two areas could help me out.

Being a part of the Gymnazo athlete performance program with Kaleena definitely made me stronger. I am more fit. I no longer have issues with my ankle. I am a stronger force on the field which is great for me and for my team! I am so much stronger and faster than I was before the athlete performance program. I can see definition in my muscles and have way more energy on the field.

The team-like atmosphere at Gymnazo works so much better when there are other athletes with similar goals to work out with. I am always telling my friends and other soccer players about the program.

I started working with Lou in nutrition because I wanted to lose enough weight to fit in pre-pregnancy clothes again! I also wanted to balance work, life and family better and to commit myself to regular workouts. My goal was to do a G2 workout 2-4 times per week!

Lou helped me work towards these goals by listening with compassion, suggesting solutions and supporting me without judgement.

I now feel lighter, clearer and have more energy. I've also gained a sense of control and confidence as I shed pounds and stop "medicating" my emotions with food. The most significant changes I've seen are my energy levels and a feeling of pride in my 20 pound weight loss!

I am so glad I knew myself well enough to sign up for 6 months. Three months would not have been enough for me to work through my emotional attachment to food. It is going to be an on-going effort, but I feel like I have the confidence and foundation to sustain my new eating habits.

I love being outdoors and would not consider myself a 'gym' person....but with 3 little kids and a limited schedule, I started working out at Gymnazo. Best fitness decision ever. There is no machismo in this gym, no mirrors, or sense of unhealthy egoism. Just super quality, science-based workout. The coaches are fun, kind, and encouraging. Every walk of life is welcomed and catered to.

I could not be happier with the results I get from Gymnazo. I could guarantee positive results.

I have to take the time to rave about Gymnazo. The personalization, the quality, the consistency, the environment, the PEOPLE, the communication, the full service support and more are what keep me coming back. Everything about my experience at Gymnazo makes me feel great about what I'm doing - trying to be healthier! Gymnazo is fun, demanding, helpful, educational, inspiring and simply bad ass!

While it's more expensive than most gyms in the area, I feel it's a tremendous value and worth every penny. You get out every bit of what you put into it and I see myself as a long term (family) member! Thank you!

This summer and fall I was part of Gymnazo's Athlete Performance to get back into shape for soccer season and become more fit all together while continuing my injury prevention and recovery. Kaleena was my former soccer coach and after I hurt my back while playing she recommended I come to Gymnazo to do some personal training. Once I was done with that I wanted to start playing soccer again so I needed to get back in shape so the Athlete Performance program was perfect for that.

I really liked that each session was formatted for the sport I play, my abilities, and skill level. I enjoyed the fact that each day we did different work outs that were both hard and rewarding.

Since joining I have become stronger, fitter and have been injury free. I would highly recommend it for other athletes.

The picture is from my recent vacation this August in Puerto Vallarta where I went on an Extreme Adventure. I didn't know what was scheduled in this adventure but suffice to say I had the GREATEST "bucket list" experience to date in my life. And I owe it all to my training with the coaches in the classes and in my semi-private sessions. I was able to take all that great work over the past three months and put myself to the test both physically and mentally. I felt STRONG and agile. I could move with the speed of the youngest on that trip. I never felt incapable to keep up the momentum going from one station to the next high in the jungle trees.

I was able to participate in zip lining, rappelling, free falling, rope climbing, and tight rope walking! I was leaping from platforms 50 to 75 high and rappelling down the massive tree trunks landing like a butterfly on the ground beneath me! I walked a tight rope stretched between the tops of two trees, and experienced a free fall by jumping off the platform holding my palms together knowing the Tarzan rope wrapped around my waist would kick in to swing me before reaching the forest floor.

By FAR the most challenging event was the rope wall stretching 50 feet upward to one of the tree platforms. I was able to navigate the rope quickly (people waiting below to go next so the pressure was on) and effectively. It was like doing 25 quick squats and push-up/pull-ups all at the same time. Wonderfully intense. Endorphin explosion!

I am so thankful for having Gymnazo in my life! This is the physical healthy lifestyle change I've been looking for that works! And that is so powerful!

In 6 weeks, I have lost 20.4 pounds, I have SO much more energy, my moods are better, I’m enjoying being active, I recently completed a 5K race and I’m even learning the art of stress management and self care in the process. I’m a singer/songwriter, but had stopped creating on my days off, I just felt too tired and depleted, and terribly uninspired. Taking better care of myself has led to a recent surge of creativity again.

With two parents who are diabetic and one who passed away from cancer 4 years ago this fall, I knew my health needed to become a priority. I was letting work and busy-ness take me over, and most days I was just “not feeling well” - energy was low and stress was high. I decided to try a nutrition/fitness package and Lou came alongside in such a positive and encouraging way. She made it simple. She gave me shopping lists and meal suggestions, which made shopping and food prep fairly painless. I enjoyed trying new recipes and food combinations that I’d never tried before. It takes some of the stress of out of my day when I have healthy snacks and meals ready and on hand.

It isn’t as hard to get out of bed in the morning and get to the gym as it was 6 weeks ago. I have gotten to where I look forward to it! It’s *my* time, where all the stress kind of falls away for an hour. I actually kind of get sad when the workout is over and I have to head back to the office. ;) I can’t wait to finish my 90-day challenge and see how far I can go! This is just the beginning!

I joined Gymnazo as part of the MindBody Evolve employee wellness program. I picked Gymnazo as my fitness facility. My goals were to re-introduce my body to routine physical exercise until it became a habit and eventually a lifestyle again after many years of neglect. Interestingly enough, although weight loss and physical change have been a fantastic result, I was focused primarily on training my mind. What I loved most about the training at Gymnazo was the individual attention I received from our small group trainers. They were truly invested in my success and personal growth.

I could not be more pleased with the results I have seen in the 12 weeks that I have been involved in this program. I have lost about 15lbs, over 3% body fat, and about 5 inches off my waist. Most importantly, my body has adapted to, and craves the routine weekly exercise that had been missing for too long! I feel like a new person!

I was looking to make a change in my life a few months ago and my friend recommended Gymnazo to me, saying 'It's not a traditional gym, just try it one time and you'll love it!' Of course she was right, I was hooked right away. I love the way I feel when I'm done with cardio or strength!

My goals were initially to just focus on losing weight, but it has turned into something more than that. I am gaining strength and a new confidence in myself that was lacking for a long time. I really like that no matter what your athletic background is, the coaches are there to help you, guide you, and cheer you on. I never thought of myself as an athlete, but when I'm working out and focusing on getting a movement right I find myself wanting to challenge myself to work harder.

My biggest improvement is that I feel stronger and more capable of doing things I haven't been able to do in a long time, if ever. My clothes fit better..... I feel better inside both physically and mentally. I feel like a different person than I did 3 months ago.

I have recommended Gymnazo to EVERYONE I know! I think everyone can benefit from physical activity, it's not only good for the body but good for the brain.

I am a "senior" guy, well into the 70's, though I do not give that a thought -- my age is none of my business. What is my business is remaining active mentally, spiritually and physically. The "physical" part helps the other two and Gymnazo's Small Group Training has been the key to that for me!

I have been a regular G1 participant for the past few years. For many years I've had a hit and miss exercise program. Although it added some strength and aerobics, it was repetitive and boring. Keeping active is important as I love to sail, hike, waterski and, most of all, snowboard.

What I love about Gymnazo is how totally functional it is. It helps me do what I do more easily, enthusiastically and safely. Snowboarding is a great example. I've been doing it for 15 years. Before Gymnazo my snowboarding was very conservative and tentative. Crashes are not allowed since recovery is slower now! I've ridden several times in the last month. The difference is wonderful!! I move more freely and with confidence. I feel like "king of the mountain". I'm having even more fun and feel safer because I have more stamina and can react and move more quickly. What a joy that is!

The other cool thing about Gymnazo is the ever changing variety of exercises we do. And with the incredibly enthusiastic and helpful staff and the camaraderie of the other participants, it is never boring. I can go at my own intensity and rarely feel any later soreness.

Thank you Michael and the rest of the Gymnazo gang!

I started Gymnazo in May of 2012 with the intent of only going for a month or two to get my body back into shape. I had started feeling like I was letting my health get away from me due to spending most of the year prior doing very little exercise after partially tearing my rotator cuff. Not to mention working a desk job for 40+ hours a week.

Growing up a track and cross country runner and getting into triathlons later in life, rarely did I ever workout in more than one plane of motion. As time went on, I developed some nagging knee injuries where I had difficultly running or playing sports on hard surfaces without my knees throbbing in pain during or after my workout. I came to terms that my knees just weren't the same as they were in my younger years and that I simply wouldn’t be able to do all the activities I used to.

However, after about a month at Gymnazo, I noticed that I was gaining flexibility and strength in my knees. Working out in all three planes of motion (a major aspect to the Gymnazo workouts that really makes it different than anything else) really helped strengthen my knees and the surrounding muscles that were weak through years of neglect. I now feel more active and my knees haven't felt this good in well over five years. I can actually play a few games of basketball without feeling like I need an ice bath afterwards.

Gymnazo has been a great experience so far. The progress I have made with my knees and shoulder in the last 4 months have been leaps and bounds more than I would have ever imagined. Not only am I getting in better shape, but my body also feels stronger as a whole. Gymnazo is a definite game changer and life changer; and now I don't think I can do without it!

There are many ways to train to be a better, well-rounded athlete. Throughout high school, college, and now as a professional golfer, I have always strived to find training methods that push and challenge me. Gymnazo gives me this extra edge.

The benefits of high intensity interval training, as well as a multi plane training focus, help me increase stability, power, and efficiency with my golf swing, as well as strengthen and stabilize my core, giving me a better chance to avoid injuries and prolong my career.

I was referred to Gymnazo by a friend to come check it out. I didn't know too much about Gymnazo prior to my first visit. I am a D1 soccer player so I have many facilities on campus I use everyday for strength, fitness, and conditioning. However, after my first G2 cardio class, I knew these were the classes and trainings that would heighten my level of fitness.

After I received a call from the Boston Breakers head coach Matt Beard, I knew I needed to get in the best shape possible. I was invited to preseason training camp in March. I had two months to reach that goal, and continue my journey as a soccer player.

At Gymnazo, the group sessions challenge all aspects of your body. They incorporate movements that make their strength and cardio classes more than the one dimensional movements I've done in the past. I leave each workout feeling I got better in many ways, not just one. After a few weeks of attending G2 and G3 classes, I could see through the changes that that was happening. I felt more flexible and could move with more agility through training sessions. Best of all, I could see the changes occur on the soccer field. This is the best I've felt physically in a long time!

If you want to improve your overall levels of strength or fitness, you need to try Gymnazo. It doesn't matter you age, weight, gender, or experience with strength or fitness, this is a place where everyone gets better.

My end goal is to sign a professional contract, but I believe my goal of getting in the best shape possible has been reached, thanks to Gymnazo.

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