Mike Ritter's Gymnazo Testimonial

My business is remaining active mentally, spiritually and physically. The "physical" part helps the other two and Gymnazo Airo has been the key to that for me!

- Mike Ritter

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Gymnazo gives me this extra edge

"The benefits of high intensity interval training, as well as a multi-plane training focus help me increase stability, power, and efficiency with my golf swing..."

-Sofie Andersson | Professional Golfer

My knees just weren't the same

"However, after about a month at Gymnazo, I noticed that I was gaining flexibility and strength in my knees..."

-Matt Nguyen | Gymnazo Member

Really well-planned workouts

"The day I walked into Gymnazo, I knew there was something truly special. I could see Michael and all the trainers were dedicated to their work and really enjoyed the process of coaching..."

-Lisa Taubenheim | Body Builder

Eye Opening Experience

"Michael had only six weeks to overhaul my physical abilities so that I would not only breeze through the obstacle course, but look good doing it..."

-Donna Cheek | Gymnazo Member

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