Wondering  where to start at Gymnazo?  At Gymnazo, we understand that not everyone has the same path, and where you start depends on your specific need or goal. The three most common reasons that members enter Gymnazo are: Fitness, Personalized Training,  and Recovery/Pain Reduction. We've created the graphic below to show you the best place to start, based on your current goal:   



Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creative.
— Charles Mingus

The human body is complicated, intricate and unique to each person walking through our doors. Our goal with small group training is to empower our coaches to know all these intricacies in such a profound way that together we can deliver creative fitness solutions that are simple. 

What Makes Our Small Group Training Unique

Our Small Group memberships continue to be our most popular services because of the following:

  • Team Supported Fun
  • Coaches Who Modify & Motivate Individually
  • Science Fueled Workouts
  • Variety That Defies Boredom
  • Three Different Levels of Training


G1 is designed to make fitness fun and sustainable for all skill levels and ages. G1 athletes range from 13 years old to 75 years old. This introductory program is perfect for consistent exercise focusing on injury prevention and movement vitality. With zero to minimal impact built into the exercises, this program is ideal for those concerned about past injuries.  Mixing strength, cardiovascular, balance and coordination, G1 offers the safety and variety many crave. 

  • 12 athletes to 1 senior coach
  • 4-5 rounds of a 6 station circuit (or different exercises)
  • This program is designed for little to no impact, making it easy on joints
  • If you have any prior injuries or current movement sensitivities this is the level to start with. 
  • You will never do the same workout more than 3-4 times per year
  • Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays are strength based workouts
  • Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays are cardiovascular workouts
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  • Cancel within an hour and you will get your session credited back to you

G2- Intermediate Small Group Training

G2, our flagship program, is designed to make you feel like an athlete again. The exercises in this program are more complex than G1 and showcase more movement versatility and dynamism. It provides an opportunity to challenge you mentally and physically in cardiovascular, strength, and endurance training throughout the week. 

G3 - Advanced Small Group Training

G3 is the only program you have to test into to participate in. G3 is designed to push elite athletes who have proven their strength, power, coordination, endurance and flexibility. While circuit based, G3 is rarely limited by time, it is focused on rep and set completion. It is the pinnacle of our fitness training, but it requires a high functioning athlete to perform the exercises. 

PRICING summary

Drop Ins:

Off Peak 12 Month Membership*

  • 2x/Week - $110/mo.
  • 3x/Week - $137/mo. 
  • 4x/Week - $153/mo. 

*This membership is limited to sessions at 12:05pm, 1:10pm, 4:20pm, 5:30pm and 6:40pm Monday through Friday, and 9:50am on Saturdays. 

12 Month Membership:

  • 2x/Week - $136/mo.
  • 3x/Week - $168/mo.
  • 4x/Week - $194/mo.
  • 5x/Week - $215/mo.
  • 6x/Week - $231/mo.


A GOAL without a PLAN is just a WISH


True functional training blends rehabilitation techniques with performance exercises and executes a specific plan to help you achieve your goals. 

Semi-Private training is the pinnacle of our training. It is the perfect marriage of restoration and performance. We meet with you to determine your goals and the each week carefully architect a workout unique to you. These tailored workouts are delivered in a more intimate setting of 4 athletes to 1 senior coach. 


- $25


  • 4x/month plus unlimited Small Group Training  -$290/mo. 
  • 8x/month plus unlimited Small Group Training - $390/mo. 
  • 4x/month Semi Private Training ONLY -$170/mo. 
  • 8x/month Semi-Private Training ONLY - $320/mo. 
  • 12x/month Semi-Private Training ONLY - $480/mo. 

*Please contact us for additional pricing options. 


Knowledge is power.
Understanding is using it.
Wisdom is controlling it.
Magic is knowing how.


We all have movement limitations, the question is, do you know what yours are and how it impairs your ability to pursue a socially active lifestyle?

 The 3D Movement Assessment allows our members to meet one on one with a 3D MAPS certified coach and screen their body in three planes of motion. The purpose of this session is to translate  effectively educate and empower athletes to feel and see their limitations and walk away with the specific strengths and techniques to improve their range of motion and flexibility. 

This 1 hour specialized session allows the athlete to evaluate their goals, walk through the 3D Movement Assessment and identify strengths and areas to improve. The athlete walks away with a clear picture of what they need to do to improve and reach their goals. 


If you are a member, the assessment is only $95 and you can email or call us to schedule it. 


Learn to convert the discomfort of discipline into the satisfaction of personal growth.


Our Exclusive Training Program focuses on a variety of components including, but not limited to, a physical analysis and subsequent movement correction followed by specific, intentional performance related exercises that will address the individual's fitness goals. Depending on the needs of the athlete, we also provide a post rehab alternative to jumping straight into working out. This service can be designed to help athletes, with movement dysfunction, discover its cause and be empowered with stretches and exercises to recondition the body to its optimal function.

The tools include but are not limited to the following:

  • soft tissue therapy
  • mobility/stability techniques
  • strengthening exercises
  • the application of Chain Reaction Biomechanics



Fitness is made in the gym.
Physique is made in the kitchen

Whole30 Program 

Our Gymnazo has discovered that the best way to jump start your fitness and tackle weight loss is to explore sustainable, whole foods eating habits.  To do this, we offer the Whole30 Program throughout the year. This program runs for 30 consecutive days and is a straight forward elimination diet blended with daily activity goals. Very successful in rebooting your metabolism, reducing cravings and increasing energy, this program gets results. 


We know and respect that nutrition is deeply personal and to get to the lifestyle you desire is a journey. By having an organized eating program, daily emails and group support meetings, we are here to help you lose weight, to develop a healthy lifestyle and rethink about what healthy eating habits fit into your lifestyle. 


One of the most vital aspects of any weight -loss program is proper nutrition. We love the way Whole30 approaches food and the science behind their process. 


Exercise is shown to reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and increase energy. Getting into shape can be intimidating, but with Gymnazo training, we can offer you a welcoming, fun way to jumpstart your metabolism. 


Do you have a specific nutrition question? 

We'd love to hear more, please fill out the below and we'll get back to you quickly:

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Rest and self-care are so important. When you take time to replenish your spirit, it allows you to serve others from the overflow. You cannot serve from an empty vessel.
— Eleanor Brownn

Massage therapy

Empower2 (1).jpg

Gymnazo partners with Empower Massage Therapy to offer its members high quality soft tissue work. 

Empower Massage Therapy aims to serve, encourage, and care. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. They have an amazing ability to seek balance, and healing (homeostasis). The therapist's job is to guide the body towards healing. When postural dysfunction, muscle balance, hyper-tonicity(tension), or various musculoskeletal pathologies take place in the body, massage seeks to change the course and aide in navigating healing.

Every body is unique and requires unique care. Empower offers a number of modalities to best serve each individual. Training includes; deep tissue, sports, orthopedic (or clinical), oncology massage, Myoskeletal Alignment which looks at the joints of the body, and active engagement which enables the therapist to get a broader pressure and resolve adhesion.



* Also ask us about adding 1 massage per month to your membership and lock in discounts!


Good players practice until they get it right.
Great players practice until they can’t get it wrong.


Throughout the year Gymnazo hosts youth sports clinics and runs off site team conditioning and speed/agility training to give local youth athletes the cross training they need to prevent injuries, increase their athletic capabilities and push them to the next level of performance.

Our training programs emphasize three dimensional dynamic warm up, sports specific circuit style skill building, speed/agility circuits and a injury prevention cool down. 

We offer the following programs throughout the year:




Every summer and fall we take registrations for 6 week long Athlete Performance training. Up to 8 athletes commit to a 6 week progression of skills building, starting with the foundational and culminating with high sports performance skills. We track and measure speed and strength before and after each program to measure performance gains. 

Contact us to learn when the next series will be held. 




We are passionate about high school athletics and will work with any high school's athletic director to create and deliver an athlete development conditioning program that will aid multi-sport athletes in their pursuit of overall athleticism in any sports context. These sessions allow for larger groups of athletes and are ideally twice a week for an hour with 4-6 weeks to train athletes. 

Please contact us if interested. 




We work one on one with athletes who show particular promise or have a nagging injury that needs to recover before their next season. Our coaches partner with athletes to provide them the specialized attention they need to pursue excellence. 

Please refer to Exclusive pricing to see our one on one rates. 

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