State of the Fitness Industry

MUNDANE Workouts

We grew up seeing people paying for gym memberships they don't use. It's not hard to realize why most aren't using them. In general most mega gyms get over crowded, have confusing machines and the gym goers around you look bored in their workouts.  We have all seen the gym fail videos on YouTube that poke fun at the awkward things that happen when gym goers try to learn and experiment with new ways to make their 1 hour gym session more interesting. Who can blame them for trying? It's not their fault they didn't major in Kinesiology and they are simply playing a stealthy game of "copy cat" with those around them who seem to have more confidence in using the equipment. Needless to say, one of the most common things we hear is that people are confused and so get stuck in a rut only using the mundane machines they understand.

Lost in the crowd

Group training emerged to provide that sense of community, and give strength training and aerobic training a format that newbies could feel less intimidated by. But as demand rose for group training, many programs just find bigger spaces to let more and more attendees into their sessions, meaning that you could be one of say 30 people trying to "follow the leader". We see lots of confusion, lots of poor form and it even the most clever trainer has to continually "dumb down" their exercises so the masses can follow along. 

License to Injure

Did you know that in the State of California the only requirement you need to call yourself a personal trainer is to carry personal liability insurance? It's honestly appalling and essentially gives anyone, with any education a license to injure others. We can't tell you how many personal trainers at gyms put together sub-par workout programs based on the YouTube video of the day that "looked cool." The lack of knowledge in fitness industry dramatically varies based on the trainers' personal values and dedication to his/her quality. Admittedly it is hard to discern for the average gym goer who to trust and who not to. As a result almost everyone walking through our doors has a horror story about a time when they did something that compromised their body. 

Distrust within the medical community

It's not hard to imagine that those who have spent years training for the designation of doctor, specialist etc. view many in the fitness community as the "car salesmen of the industry". How many times have you asked for a referral post rehab and not gotten a straight answer? Why? Doctors and medical professionals are not truly sure who to send you to or who will be reputable and not re-injure you. 

For those of us on the fitness side, it takes years and dozens of positive client experiences to win over someone in the medical profession. It's not that it can't be done, but it take a while. 


The evolution of the fitness industry needs to keep evolving. 

We created Gymnazo to blend restoration with performance so everyone walking through our doors know they can reach their goals safely, receive quality coaching and belong to an encouraging community. 

We are bold but honest when we say that the three dimensional and functional training you get in Gymnazo is positioned to completely change the world of fitness. We see ourselves of part of the Movement Industry, which merges fitness with movement therapy. 

With trained eyes to catch and correct movement dysfunction, each workout is an art form that varies from client to client.

Combining physical, biological and behavioral sciences, our fitness programs bring innovation to the fitness and movement industry and improve the gym experience. 

We are here to offer a fitness model that you can trust. We've built a fitness community that is genuinely passionate about establishing healthy lifestyle habits. 

We are not playing for the short game and earning the badge of "fad." We are playing for the long game that changes lives and provides an engaging and sustainable fitness model. 

The revolution


With everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently. The way we challenge the status quo is by applying the truths of physics, biology and behavioral sciences (Applied Functional Science) in everything we do. We just so happen to be a fitness facility.
— Michael Hughes, Founder


What makes us unique?


All our services center around the following vital principles:








Our fitness philosophy



The overall goal is to train and discipline the whole person in the facility so they maximize their ability outside of the facility.
— Michael Hughes




Our training begins with and is fully based on the principles and core truths of Applied Functional Science . Applied Functional Science is a holistic foundation of thought rooted in physical, biological and behavioral sciences that enable us to best evaluate human body movement and how to maximize our capabilities. For example, we believe in training our bodies to move as they are designed to move, in 3D. We train in three dimensions to make sure your key muscle groups and joints move easily in all three planes of motion (front to back, side to side and rotationally).

At Gymnazo we have built Individual Training and three distinct Group Training programs based on these truths. We take these principles and create strategies that feed the techniques you will experience daily in our program.



The core truths of Applied Functional Science.


Derived from principles and provide the plan of action.


Derived from strategies and are the physical actions.

As a result, the programs create an environment of rehabilitation, training, conditioning and performance through 3 dimensional functional movement patterns, chain reaction biomechanics, neuromuscular coordination, and team supported encouragement. 


Being true students we have been influenced by the following amazing people and brands. To us they stand for excellence not only in leadership but as thought leaders in our industry. 

  • Gary Gray, The Gray Institute. He is the father of Applied Functional Science and through his seminars and educational certifications, our team has developed an acute knowledge of biomechanics, restoration techniques and truly how to the strategically unpack the chain reaction of anyone walking through our doors. He is a huge part of our success story and we highly recommend any product/service he is a part of.
  • Train 4 the Game, Austin, TX, we have admired this fitness facility for years. We love their style and believe they are not only a group of quality people but their services are excellent.