Gymnazo established an Internship Program in 2011 to provide an opportunity for local Cal Poly and Cuesta students, majoring in the dynamic field of health and fitness, to learn the foundation and principles of Applied Functional Science and then to immediately apply that knowledge via direct hands on experience at the Gymnazo facility in San Luis Obispo.

Each Intern assumes the roles of an athlete (participant), a coach (teacher) and a teammate (encourager) throughout the program. We partner with Cal Poly's Kinesiology Department as well as NASM to offer additional educational opportunities for students looking to make fitness a career. 

The Internship Program will cover the following four areas:

Education – Interns participate in weekly lectures on topics covering coaching techniques, exercise physiology, chain reaction biomechanics, functional assessment/ rehab strategies, and program design. The curriculum will focus on learning how Applied Functional Science is applicable to the different elements of physical training including but not limited to performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Coaching – Interns learn how to execute the Gymnazo training methodology in both small group settings, semi-private, and one-on-one sessions for the entire demographic range of Gymnazo members. This immersion allows the interns to learn the science behind the training, but more importantly, the application of that knowledge when coaching solo or as a part of a team.

Facility Maintenance:

Interns will be required to embrace the importance of maintaining a clean and well organized facility and how that plays into the Gymnazo "brand".

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